a fun and safe place to live


You could visit the art gallery of Alberta where the building looks like a art piece its self its located at 102A Ave NW.

Naturel Resources

Pulp mill`s, they make paper for school or used as a shopping list. Education is also a great Naturel Resources and you could go to Jasper Elementary School. Picture of Pulp mill`s ~>

Major Cities

Edmonton its a mighty good town they never turn the maple leaf upside down . Edmonton is also the capital of Alberta. There`s also Jasper and St.Alberta . There all a mighty good town`s. Picture of Edmonton ~>


The landform of Albert has many hills and flat land a hill name of Alberta is Caribbean Mountain . Picture of Caribbean Mountain ~>


East of Ontario west of British Columbia north of United States south of North West Territories. Canada map ~>

Wonder Quiestions?

is there amusement parks there? yes

Amusement Park Names

~Fort Edmonton

~Calaway Park

~Galaxy Land

Is it safe? yes

It`s because there`s no shooting and everyone`s doors are LOCKED so no one can get in.

Does it take a long time to get there? Yes it takes 51 hours non stop driving

Map Of Alberta

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