A fun activity for all ages!

So What is Airfix?

Airfix is a really fun and creative activity, which involves making a model airplane. The box comes with parts, instructions and stickers. It is great for all ages, including adults and is not expensive!

Top Tips on Making an Airfix Plane!

~ Make sure you leave the glue and paint to dry.

~ Add the stickers on last.

~ Before painting patterns (eg. Camouflage), make sure you draw them on with pencil first.

~ Keep the parts intact with the packaging until you need to use them.

The Spitfire.....

One of the most popular Airfix models. The spitfire was used in the Second World War (1939-45.) It remained in service in the RAF until 1955.During this time, 20,351 Spitfires were built and about 50 are still flying in 2007. By 1939, 10% of all spitfires had been lost due to a training accident!

“Nothing is perfect in this world I suppose. But the Spitfire came close to perfection.” Anon.

Our Airfix Models

Me (Lily), Becky, Wiki and Matty made some Spitfire Models ourselves. It was difficult but we still enjoyed making them.

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