Transformations transform World!

By Jasmin Karic(JAZ)

Transformations and more!

Geometry is a growing phenomenon that is used in everyday life for people in all conditions, even those pesky high school dropouts who work as McDonald's workers. They need the use things like symmetry and rotation to be able to get the fries perfectly crispy on all of the parts. The founder of Geometry, AKA Euclid probably never thought that geometry would affect so many people that use it. It also supplies jobs including the jobs at Mehlville, who could be working at a T-Mobile and being bored out of his or her mind. Transformations also help those in analytic and marketing because they have to see spreadsheets and transitions of things like profits and what they should and should not spend money on.

Reflections and Rotations

These things that we learn in geometry, causing commotion across the country are doing great things. They influence construction workers and people of all sorts to work hard. It was voted in a poll through high schools in Oregon that it is the easiest subject when it comes to Geometry, proving that it is not helpful with the real world, but it also is very easy to learn and helps people with careers.


I am hoping for a good grade because I could really use it and I believe that this is worth it. I spent a good amount of time on this and would enjoy maybe like a B+. Plus it helps me learn about how this is important in the real world.