800 Meter run

By: Lexi Rivera

The 800 Meter Run

The first Summer Olympic Games was first held in 1896, where the 800-meter run took place as one of the events. 800-meter run is a common track running event. It is the shortest common middle-distance track event. The 800 meter is run over two laps of the track, 400 meters, and has been an Olympic event since the first games in 1896. Based on research women's performance is rapidly improving in the 800-meter run. Even though the men are faster, the women are close behind them with increasing times, and will soon surpass them in the future.

An Unlikely Match

In the 800-meter run women are increasing there speed rapidly every four years. The men are still increasing their times, but slower than the women. Is is possible for the women to pass the men in time? Or will the men continue in being the fastest. In this article you will find out if the women will pass the men with their increasing speed or if the men will continue to be faster than women.

The Goal of the Study

I am trying to figure out if and when will the woman pass the men with their times. Women will continue to to increase their times at a rapid pass, but if men start to increase their speed the women wont be able to pass the men. This article will show you step by step on how I solved my question: Will the women have lower times than the men?

Data 4

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The Scatter plot

This Scatter represents the male and females times from 1960 to 2008. The X's represent the women's times and the squares represent the mens times.

The Linear Regression (Lines of Best Fit)

Both lines represent the trend line for both female and male. The line going through the X's is the trendline for the women's times. The line going through the squares is the trendline for the men's time.

The Intersection

An intersection is a single point where two lines meet or cross each other. In this picture the women's line of best fit is intersecting with the men's line of best fit. As you can see the red line represents the women and the blue represents the men.At the intersection it shows us that that the women will pass the men during the 2116 olympic games with approximately the time of 99.51 seconds.
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The X Coordinate

The X coordinate in the graph is the different years. You can tell because on the table List 1 is the independent variable, X.

The Y Coordinate

The y coordinate in the graph is the time(seconds). By looking at the intersect y= 99.51, and then looking at the table list 2 and list 3 are both the dependent variable, y. The men and women column on the table both show the times(seconds) of all the gold medalist through 1960-2008.
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