saves the world

It was a beautiful sunny day and Leasia was enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach.

Untill, she gets a signal from her bracelet.

Leasia was enjoying a nice day in Afjnastain, helping orphan children learn math,scince , and lanjuge arts.....until she gets a signal from her braclet .She knew in a hurry it was time to do what she does the world from evil vilans trying to domonate the planet.

She telaported herself to the crime scene. On the roof of a pent house in New York,there to find herself in the mittle of a swarm of helocopters and a group of terrified peolice men. There in the mittle of the crime scene to see her friend K.C. trying to fight off Lazor man along with Zorag slowly creeping up behind her trying to plan a sneek attack

To late Sarabellum is to quick she quickly telapoetrs herself in between Zorag and K.C.

"going somewhere"? asked Sarabellum."yes actuly" "going thrue you.Sarabellum trys to telaport herself but it dident work.She soon found that that Zorag was powar proof.

Then Sarabellum frezes time throws Zorag off the roof and saves the world.

But it wont stay safe for ever so she is always ready for the worst to happen.