Waipipi School 2022

Term 3: Monday 22nd August

Our vision: Waipipi Students are successful learners, who communicate

confidently, and interact positively with others.

Board Elections

Congratulations to the following people who will form the Waipipi Board for the next three years.

Hamish Kirkness

Vanessa Hornell

Mark Burns

David Shoemark

Ashleigh Henwood

Colin Cochrane

Trolley Derby

Event organisation, health and safety/risk assessment, and the entry form was put on the school app last Friday. Please ask Pam if you require a paper copy.

If you have any spare car/truck/tractor tyres you could lend us for this event, please contact Mrs Brown. We do not want them left at school after the event.

Cross Country Placings

Well done to all the students who ran either for participation or competitiveness. Good luck to the students running at Waiuku Group Day.
Year 8 Girls

1st Bella Payne

2nd Xavier Kingi

3rd Eliyzah Hussein

Year 7 Boys

1st Cooper Parker

2nd Samuel Shoemark

3rd Evan Faithful

Year 7 Girls

1st Lily Oliver

2nd Ochre Haitsma

3rd Elise Frampton

Year 6 Boys

1st Bryn Mair

2ndTe Puke Richardson

3rd Blake Cussen

Year 6 Girls

1st Tamryn Hatfield

2nd Tabitha Thomson

3rd Jazmin Naysmith

Year 5 Boys

1st Jonathan Oliver

2nd Leo Booker

3rd Isaac Henwood

Year 5 Girls

1st Indy Chevis

2nd Lexi Linnell

3rd Maddy Guthrie

Year 4 Boys

1st Jaxson Burns

2nd Coel Mair

3rd Olli Showmark

Year 4 Girls

1st Jordyn Hatfield

2nd Taylor Richards

3rd Autumn Haitsma

Year 3 Boys

1st Ethan Booker

2nd Finn Henwood

3rd Kaleb Blackburn

Year 3 Girls

1st Zoe-Irwin Parsons

2nd Charlie Taylor

3rd Demi-Lynne Collie

Year 2 Boys

1st Lewis Guthrie

2nd Felix Oliver

3rd Harley Evans

Year 2 Girls

1st Kailey McCoy

2nd Rehia King

3rd Delilah Irwin-Parsons

Year 1 Boys

1st Xavier Coman

2nd Michael Showmark

3rd Ryder Chevis

Year 1 Girls

1st Ava Oliver

2nd Sadie Collie

3rd Lylah Rogers

School Certificates for Week 2 Term 3

Our key competency "Using Language, Symbols and Text"

Room 1Jake Irwin

Room 3 Jayden Wells

Room 4 Lillith Douglas

Room 5 Maddy Guthrie

Room 7 Mason Naysmith

Room 8 James Goldfinch

Room 9 Eva Hornell

Our school value "Respect."

Room 1 Owen Evans

Room 3 Maddison Raphael

Room 4 Rachel Smith

Room 5 Derrick Chong

Room 7 Coel Mair

Room 8 Pene Shaw

Room 9 Lylah Rogers

Our Educultural value "Whanaungatanga."

Room 1 Arshaya Prasad

Room 3 Eleanor Yeates

Room 4 Stella Campbell

Room 5 Katrina Lai

Room 7 Sasha Vare

Room 8 Brodie Miller

Room 9 Zac Miller

School Assemblies this term

Friday 16th September 1:45pm in the SMILE Room. All parents are welcome. Please wear a mask and social distance.

Term Three Dates

Cross Country Waiuku Group Day

Tuesday 23rd August Savings day Thursday 25th August

Year 7-8 Technology at View Road

Friday 26th August

Cross Country Franklin Zone Day

Thursday 1st September

Year 7-8 Technology at View Road

Friday 9th September

Board Meeting in the staffroom at 7pm

Tuesday 30th August

SENIOR CAMP (Years 6-8)

Monday 5th - Tuesday 6th September

Waipipi School Trolley Derby

Thursday 22nd September

Calf Club

Indoor exhibits Thursday 29th September

Animals Friday 30th September