Oak Hills Through Our Eyes

December & January Newsletter by Third Grade

Look at what third grade is learning!

Mrs. Wetterau's Class

By Julia Citzman and Solomon Graham

The time has come! Third grade students are definitely looking forward to the 2019 STEM Expo! The STEM Expo is an enrichment for kids who love science like us and who find science very interesting. We like science because we have a passion for experimenting on things we wonder about.

I bet you never thought about what STEM stands for: The "S' stands for Science, the "T" stands for Technology, "E" stands for Engineering, and "M" stands for Math. The process starts with brainstorming and picking the right idea that suits you. The next step is to fill in the science pages that the teacher gives us over time. For example, the hypothesis page. The next step is to start working on your board. Finally, you are ready to present in front of your teacher and the judges. You can get a prize of 1st place, 2nd place, or honorable mention if you win in the STEM Expo.

We are looking forward to the STEM Expo which will be held Friday, Feb. 1st at 6:30-7:30 in the MPR. Hope to see you there!

By Makayla Salazar

In our current science unit we are learning about weather and climate. We looked at the map of the United States to compare the weather in different cities. We are learning how weather changes frequently, but climate does not change. It is the average temperature of an area over time. For example, the climate in Santa Clarita is usually hot and dry. We are also learning about how meteorologists can detect a storm, when it will be sunny, or cloudy by looking at the different types of clouds. For example, we are learned that a cumulus cloud means the weather will be nice, however a cumulonimbus cloud shows that a storm is coming your way. In science lab we are created a rain gauge to measure how much rain falls. Overall, we really love learning about weather and climate!

Mrs. Cuyler's class

By Elle Salin and Luca Rufatt

Hello Oak Hills, let's talk about third grade math strategies. One of our favorite math strategies for addition and subtraction is the number line.

To begin with, we use the number line to solve almost all math problems from addition to subtraction. Our second next favorite strategy is decomposing. It s a great way to find friendly numbers and it is an easy way to add and subtract.

The last strategy is called expanded form. We use expanded form for addition and subtraction, but it works best for addition. Overall, this is a summary of the work we have been doing in math.

Mrs. Lundy's Class

By Jessica Jin

In Benchmark unit 5, we are learning about famous inventors. Some of the inventors that we are learning about are Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. These two major inventors have made it possible to improve the cell phone and the light bulb to make people's lives easier and better. In class, we read about how they got the idea to invent these items, as well as other inventions, and how they had to overcome many challenges. As a grade level we made a timeline that shows how the telephone has evolved over time. We continue to enjoy learning about these famous inventors and the history of the inventions we have today.

Mrs. Salazar's Class

By Julia Gonzales and Victoria Argueta

We are learning opinion writing in third grade.

The opinion piece we are writing about is,

"Should children have their own cell phones?" The students had to decide whether they should or not. Then, we had to come up with reasons that support our opinion. Some of the benefits that we chose were children can make emergency phone calls, keep in touch with family and friends, and they can get homework help. This writing piece connects with our unit 5 Benchmark because it supports how the cell phone has advanced and changed people's lives. Everyone seems to have a cell phone nowadays so we believe it is a benefit for children and adults.

Mrs. Soto's Class

Be Kind Project

Oak Hills is participating in a program called the Be Kind People project. Each month, the Be Kind People Project focuses on one way we can be kind. This month, our focus is Be Positive.

By Noah Nisperos

Being positive is always a good idea. I am always positive about doing homework. Doing DreamBox is a positive fun thing to do. It is important to always have a positive attitude.

By Andre Saputo

I always like being positive. Doing my class work is always a positive idea. Being kind to my teachers, that is positive. Having a positive attitude everyday at school is a positive idea.

By Julian Villarruel

Having a positive thinking is a great way to start the day. Doing my morning work is always positive. Respecting my parents and teachers are also positive! Doing my homework is always positive.

Special Events at Oak Hills

Grinch Week by Humza Harsolia and Julian Gabor from Mrs. Salazar's Class

In third Grade during the month of December we participated in Grinch Week. We started off the week going to the library where Mrs. Maxwell read us How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The next day, the third graders came to school wearing green and 'Who hair.' We sang 'The Grinch' song and we made hearts with kind words and we passed them out to our classmates. On Thursday, we dressed up in our favorite pajamas. Finally, we ended the week with 'ugly sweater day' and Flag Pole Friday. During our Flag Pole Friday the teachers participated in a toilet paper snowman contest and an ugly sweater fashion show. As we returned to class we had a class party where we got to make and decorate gingerbread houses with candy. We also drank hot cocoa while watching The Grinch movie. The last week of December was super fun!
Big picture

Family Winter Dance by Liam Keenan from Mrs. Salazar's Class

We had a great event during the month of December called Oak Hills Family Winter Dance. This was an event where all the students and parents were able to dress up and dance to their favorite songs. The entire MPR was filled with children and parents showing off their dance moves. The night was also filled with delicious cookies, pizza, and drinks. It was a perfect time to bring families and friends together right before winter break!

Penguin Holiday Shop by Toulay Nasr And Karina Jean from Mrs. Salazar's Class

In December, Oak Hills students went to the Penguin Holiday Shop. This was a great opportunity for students to buy presents for their siblings, friends, and family! There were many items such as mugs for mom, trophies and spin pens for dad, mirrors, and seashell gifts for your siblings. It was a great feeling to shop on our own and I couldn't wait to see everyone's smiling faces when they received their gift over winter break. The holiday shop was also a great time to spread kindness to others!

AR Award Ceremony by Harlow Mackenzie-James and Hayley Julian in Mrs. Salazar's Class

Here at Oak Hills, we have a reading program called AR. It stands for Accelerated Reader. AR is a great idea to have at our school because it gets students reading. To get your reading level, each student takes a STAR Reading assessment. Then, our teacher gives us a bookmark or card with our independent reading level and goal. Each time when we go to the library we choose books within our level. The library has colored stickers on each book that tells us our level. Each reading assessment we take give us points that will help us to meet our goal. Once you reach your goal with 80% accuracy students are invited to an AR award assembly and party. We were so proud of ourselves for reaching our goal! We received an award at the AR Assembly and attended the AR party. It was so much fun because we got popsicles and extra recess.