Basket for Fiesta Fundraiser

1st Grade Theme: "Family Fun"

Donate by February 9

Ms. Been's 1st grade class will assemble a classroom basket for the Fiesta fundraiser silent auction that will take place February 22nd.

Every year, each class picks a theme and assembles (unwrapped) items fitting that theme. Volunteers assemble the items in a basket and Fiesta attendees bid on the baskets.

Our basket is a "Family Fun" theme and should be complete by February 9.

Families interested in contributing (there is no obligation!) should bring items to Ms. Been's classroom.

Feel free to be creative!

Items might include:
  • Activity gift cards: roller/ice skating, go-karts, bounce-houses, ice cream, movies
  • Supplies: picnic or camping items, board games, swim toys, art supplies, seeds to plant
  • Homemade items: a time capsule kit, scavenger hunt plans
  • Donations: If you prefer to donate money, I can get a few things.

Contact Stephanie Schulte with questions