"Death Cloud" by: Andrew lane

summer reading project by: McKenna Meyer

character analysis

The character I chose for the character analysis is Sherlock Holmes. In the story Sherlock is a teenage boy who goes on an adventure to solve a murder mystery and is the main character. His personality traits are: nerdy, a little bit tough, nice, well mannered,friendly, and cautious. Sherlock is a tall teenager and has brown hair (the rest of his body traits were not listed in the book). He faces many challenges in the book, one of them is when Sherlock was at the baron's house and he was told that he was going to be killed.


The main character of the story is Sherlock Holmes. The protagonist of the story is Sherlock Holmes, but he was joined by Matty Arnatt, Virginia crowe, and Amyus crowe. The antagonist of the story is baron maupertuis. The setting of the story is Europe (London, France, Guildford). The rising action is when Sherlock's brother told him he was staying with his aunt and uncle for about 9 months. While living with them, he meets Matty, who shows him around the whole town, and Virginia, who is Amyus crowe's daughter, and amyus crowe, who is Sherlock's tutor. One day amyus and Sherlock were walking and found a dead body of a man. There was also another man who died shortly before. Sherlock and matty go to a man and ask him how those two men died. the man said because of many bee stings. Sherlock goes to find out who killed the men. The conflict of the story is who or what killed the 2 men and how did it kill them. The climax of the story is when Sherlock is written a note that says to meet him at a fair, but he was banned from going outside. The falling action of the story is when Sherlock goes to the fair and is captured. He was taken to the baron's house. He finds out that the baron let the bees go to kill the people. Sherlock was almost killed but matty saved him. Amyus takes everyone (Matty , Virginia, and Sherlock) to London to find more clues about who killed the men. Virginia and Sherlock were captured and taken to another of the baron's houses in France. They were almost killed when Virginia ripped off one of the curtains and the baron was exposed. The resolution of the story is when Sherlock kills the baron and stops the bees from killing anyone else. The theme of the story is never give up no matter who is in your way.


This story was about a teenage boy named Sherlock Holmes. After school ends Sherlock is told he is going to be staying with his aunt and uncle for nine months. When there he meets a boy named Matty. He takes Sherlock around the town telling him about everything. Matty also tells Sherlock that there was a death at an apartment complex. Sherlock was surprised to her what matty said. When Amyus crowe comes to tutor Sherlock , they come across another dead body. Sherlock is very curious about the two deaths. Sherlock follows a man into a warehouse where he finds out about the baron. He goes to tell Amyus Crowe, but he meets Amyus's daughter instead. Virginia becomes friends with Sherlock. After that, Sherlock and Matty go to see a man that should know what killed the men. The man says that they were killed by many bee stings. When sherlock returns home he gets in trouble for going to the man. He is banned from going outside. Soon he receives a note that says that someone wants to meet him at a fair. He sneaks out and is taken away to the baron's first house. He was almost killed, but Matty saved him before the baron could get him. After that, Amyus Crowe takes everyone to London. Sherlock and Virginia are captured and taken to France to the baron's next house. They found out that the baron did kill the men and is going to kill more people. They were almost killed when Virginia ripped off one of the curtains and the baron was exposed. He killed the baron and stopped the bees from being set free to kill other people.