Springfield Mavs 11U AAA Update

January 4, 2016

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Uniform Fitting Day on Saturday!


Saturday, January 9

12:00 - 12:45 pm

Play it Again Sports

Details in the post below.

Parent Meeting & Schedule Released on Sunday!


Sunday, January 10

Location: Northside Christian Church

4902 State Hwy H, Springfield, MO 65803

Time: 6:30 pm

Room L1 - Enter front doors room is on the right.

Uniform Fitting Day Details

Things to Know

  • Fitting Day is Required - IF you can NOT attend during your teams designated time, the parent must contact Brock Kissee at Play it Again Sports at 883-7444 or brockkisee@yahoo.com to arrange for an alternate fitting time. This alternate time must be PRIOR to January 9.

  • Coordinated look for Club - The club will be having the same look for all teams. All teams will be wearing the uniform design from our 10U season last year.

  • Orders to Manufacturer - ALL Uniform fittings MUST be completed by Saturday, January 9 as orders will be submitted to manufacturers on Monday, January 11 in order to receive in time for the season.

  • Payment - Uniform items must be paid in full on January 9. You will be paying Play it Again Sports directly.

  • Uniform numbers - Uniform numbers have already been turned in for your team. Parents do not need to worry about the uniform number.

  • Shoes - If you want to wait until February to get sized for the shoes to allow for an extra month or so of growth, you may do so. Just know that you will need to have the Mizuno shoes before we step outside for practice in March.

11U AAA team Specific Information

  • Helmet - Returning Mavs, IF your helmet fits from last year and is in good shape, you do not need to purchase. New Mavs must purchase the Navy Matte helmet. Cost includes decals. Returning Mavs will also get new decals.

  • Jersey Tops - Returning Mavs - IF your columbia and navy jersey tops and the two pairs of columbia and navy striped socks from last year are in good shape, clean and not stained and still fit you will not need to purchase. Keep in mind this is still 3 months from start of season. New Mavs will need to purchase a columbia top, navy top. We are not purchasing a 3rd jersey at this time. If we have excess team funds after fundraising, we may consider this.

  • Socks - 2 pairs of columbia striped socks and 2 pairs of navy striped socks are required. New Mavs will need to purchase 2 pairs of each color. Returning Mavs will need to take inventory to make sure you have two pair of each, as this is our only chance to order them.

  • Note on Uniform tops, jerseys and striped socks - These are customized and are not readily available, so you will need to order these now, they are not available for purchase at a later date.

  • Hats - New and Returning Mavs - we recommend purchasing a hat for practice and games. Our practice hat will be the same design as the game hat, this is for all teams. ALL Mavs will need to purchase hats as the design is different then 2015.

  • Note on Hats: If you want to purchase a hat for yourself or other family members this is the ONLY day you will have an opportunity to purchase these hats.

  • Belts - Navy and Columbia belts are required. Returning Mavs, If you have them from previous seasons you will not need to purchase. New Mavs will need to have a navy and columbia belt. There will also be Under Armour belts available at a higher cost if you are interested, but not required.

  • Pants - ALL Mavs will need to purchase two (2) new pair of white pants with the 3 color braids. Any additional pants is at the discretion of the family. We will wear white pants for practice. Practice pants do not need to have the 3 color braid. The reason for white practice pants is to save money as If needed, you could get the practice pants braided from PIA and use them as game pants. This will help so you do not have to purchase another two sets of grey pants.

  • Bat Bags - ALL returning and New Mavs are required to purchase the team bat bag this year. ALL Mavs teams will be utilizing the same team bags.

  • Shoes - We have worked to get a price break for ALL Mavs for Mizuno team shoes. If you want to wait until February to get sized for the shoes to allow for an extra month or so of growth, you may do so. Just know that you will need to have the Mizuno shoes before we step outside for practice in March.

Uniform Pricing

  • Rawlings Navy Matte Helmet w/ Decals - $30
  • MLB Game Hat - $21 each, two hats recommended
  • Chromogear Columbia 2 Button Jersey Top - $50
  • Chromogear Navy 2 Button Jersey Top - $50
  • Columbia Belt - $3.50
  • Navy Belt - $3.50
  • 2 New Pairs of White Easton High Sock Pants w/ 3 Stripe Braid - $48-52 total ($24-26 each)
  • 2 Pairs of Striped Columbia Socks - $16 total ($8 each)
  • 2 Pairs of Striped Navy Socks - $16 total ($8 each)
  • Mizuno Backpack Bag w/ logo and # embroidered - $49
  • Black Mizuno Franchise 9 Cleats - $32-$36

Thank you for your support of our branding and club look for 2016 and beyond. A coordinated look for the club will result in savings down the road.

Dry Fit Practice Shirts Update

Below are the sizes that were turned in. Darin has ordered a few samples and will be bringing them to the Required Parent Meeting on Sunday night. We want you to be certain the size you turned in fits and your ball player can try them on Sunday to be sure they fit.

Each ball player will get a short sleeve and a long sleeve dry fit top. The shirts are included in the fee structure, you do not have to pay anything additional for the shirts. We are told that adult extra small and adult small sizes are available. These shirts are used for practice and are used underneath the game jerseys.

Owen Bushnell - YXL

Colin Cash - YXL

Grayson Gallivan - YXL

Kyden McMain - YXL

Spencer Pottebaum - YXL

Logan Crighton - YL

Braden Eggeman - YL

Brooks Kettering - YL

Gaige Lewis - YL

Logan Ripper - YL

Drew Wedgeworth - AL

Equipment Buy Back Opportunity Available at Play it Again Sports

Play it Again Sports has an equipment buy back opportunity.

Any used equipment can be brought into Play it Again Sports during normal hours. The staff at PIA will check out the equipment. If the equipment is in good condition and in demand, PIA will make you an offer of store credit. You can use that store credit to go towards your uniform purchase on uniform fitting and payment day on January 9.

Take in those old bats, helmets and other equipment and see if you can get some credit for those items and put it toward your 2016 Mavs Uniforms and team items. This is for equipment only. If you have any questions, you may contact Brock Kissee at Play it Again Sports.

Letter Writing Campaign is Coming up January 4!

Lance will be sending out a spreadsheet of past contributors (old Mavs), suggested letter, hints for a successful letter writing campaign. This will now be sent out on January 4 or 5. Additionally, the project will be covered at the Parent Meeting.

This is an important fundraiser that has traditionally accounted for about $2,500 in fundraising for the team.

The funds received will be allocated to the team equally. You should not be contributing to this campaign (That will occur if we do not meet our goal).

All families are expected and required to participate. Our fundraising success in January and February, will determine if we have a final fee payment due on March 1. It is our goal for you to NOT have an additional fee payment, however we need everyone's help to make this a reality.

January 14 - Newk's Fundraiser


Thursday, January 14

5-9 pm

We will receive 10-15% of the total take from everyone that attends. People do not have to mention the Mavs or produce a flyer or drop anything in the black box! Our percentage, 10 or 15% will be dependent upon how successful we are for Newk's. The boys will help serve and bus tables for this event.

1- Tip Jar Coordinators:

  • Stephanie
  • Carla

2 - Decorating and Coordinating to Make Newk's look "Mavy"

  • Stephanie
  • Carla

3 - Shifts to Work: 4:45 to 7:00

  • Grayson
  • Owen
  • Colin
  • Gaige
  • Ripper
  • Brooks
  • Crighton

4- Shift to Work: 6:45 to 9:00

  • Spencer
  • Kyden
  • Braden
  • Drew

Indoor Practices at 2K Sports Determined - Mark Your Calendar

January 17, 24, 31

February 14, 21, 28

March 6, 13

*NOTE - We skip Super Bowl Sunday (February 7)

Location: 2K Sports

Time: 5:15 to 7:00 pm

Attire: Until our practice gear arrives, please wear your columbia Jersey Top, white pants, columbia socks, columbia belt, Navy Mavs game hat.

  • 5:15 - Discussion and team stretching begin, west turf area
  • 5:30 to 7:00 pm - Indoor Workouts

Format: We will have the entire facility this year and will coordinate and share the large field and batting cages with our 10U team.

2016 Tournament Schedule

The Tournament Schedule will be released at the Parent meeting on January 10


March 18-20: Play (Conway, AR)

March 25-27: Off (Easter)


April 1-3: Play

April 8-10: Play (Jonesboro, AR- Global Quadruple Points)

April 15-17: Play

April 22-24: Off

April 29-May 1: Play


May 6-8: Play (Mother's Day)

May 13-15: Off

May 20-22: Play

May 27-30: Play [(Memorial Day - Super NIT) - Kansas City]


June 3-5: OFF

June 10-12: Play (Big Trip)

June 17-19: Play

June 23-26: State Tournament (Nevada)


June 29-July 3: Global World Series (Branson)


July 24: Club wide tryouts for 2017 teams

Fall Ball

Fall 2016: There will be a minimum of two (2) tournament weekends required. Most likely the fall tournaments would be at the end of August and one in September. These dates WILL Be set once fall schedules are published by USSSA.

Please let us know of any questions. A complete and updated schedule will be provided at the January parent meeting.

Outdoor Practices Begin

Begin the Week of March 13

Location: Glendale Christian Field

Time: 5:45 to Dark

Day(s) of week: Wednesdays

Signage Sales at GC Field

Our team needs to sell two (2) signs at GC Field. The sponsorship of the signage is $500 and includes production and design. We use a similar design (as show picture right) for all signs at the field. The sign will be up at the field from March through October.

We have a renewal of Marshfield Chevrolet that Wayne Bushnell will be working. But, we have one (1) more sign for sure our team needs to sell.

The sale of the signage, after production costs, will result in 50% of the funds going to our team budget and 50% going to the field improvement fund for facility and equipment needs. We will be purchasing $1,200 of top dressing for the field in February and the funds from signage will go toward this field maintenance project.

If you would please assist in identifying and selling this sign.

Buffalo Wild Wings teams with the Mavs for Home Team Advantage Program!

It's a simple and easy way to raise funds!

  1. Go to either Springfield Buffalo Wild Wings Location
  2. Tell them you are with the 11U AAA Mavs
  3. Show them your Home Team Advantage Card (Take a photo of card and store on phone). You were emailed this previously.
  4. 10% will be donated back to our team.

Share your card with family and friends. Recently a single team (like ours) received a $1,000 donation!

Team Committees

We have a team committee structure. BOLD CAPS is chair person. Detail on the committees will be emailed.

  1. Fundraising Committee - LANCE, Darin, Wayne, Wes, Carla and Stephanie
  2. Facilities and Field Committee - DALE, Jimmy, Shawn, Todd
  3. Player Development Committee - TROY, Lance, Dale, Brad
  4. Team Activities |Group Outings for Travel Weekends Committee - MITZI, Kim, Allison, Carla
  5. Community Outreach and Public Relations Committee - DENISE, Mitzi, Allison, Carla, Stephanie

February Fundraiser - McAlister's

February 2016 - Thursday TBD

East Sunshine Location

Wayne Bushnell of the fundraising committee is organizing a McAlister's Deli fundraiser for the 11U AAA Mavs. This fundraiser will involve delivering entree's to tables and getting drink re-fills. We will have an opportunity for tips as well.

The date is TBD, but we have requested our traditional second or third Thursday in February.

Springfield Mavs Baseball

The Springfield Mavericks are a competitive youth USSSA travel baseball organization and is a sports outreach program of Glendale Christian Church. The Mavs call Glendale Christian Field on the Glendale Christian Church campus its home.

The Mavs and member families have partnered to improve the land and baseball facility at Glendale Christian Church with the Springfield MO Little League so families and kids can enjoy the game of baseball.