Listening in Class

using SLANT

What is SLANT?

SLANT is an acronym (or abbreviation) that teaches students the correct body posture and behaviors for class. Students should use SLANT to show their teacher that they are listening to the lesson. It also shows the student is interested. The acronym stands for:

  • Sit up
  • Listen and Lean forward
  • Answer and Ask questions
  • Notes
  • Track the speaker

Sit Up

By sitting up you make sure that you stay alert and do not fall asleep. Sitting up requires you to have your back against the seat, feet planted firmly on the ground, and hands on your desk.
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Listen and Lean Forward

What does it mean to listen? Listening means you are paying attention to the person who is speaking. You are understanding what they are saying. Your body posture should be faced toward the teacher while he or she talks.

Leaning forward shows that you are interested in the lesson or subject being taught. This also helps encourage active listening.

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Answering and asking questions

By answering questions you become involved in the class. The teacher knows you are listening when you are able to answer various questions. This shows that you are paying attention and understand what is being taught.

Asking questions is another important skill because it shows that you are able to communicate when you don't understand something or want further information. This shows the teacher that you are interested in what is being taught.

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During a lesson you should copy notes off the board or write down key ideas from the information that is being taught. Taking notes makes it easier for you to remember what you are learning. You can also review notes later to help study.
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Track the speaker

Track the speaker means to follow the teacher with your eyes or body posture as the teacher walks around the room. This means that as the teacher moves you should face the same direction. Tracking the speaker helps you stay attentive. This means it keeps you alert and aware of what the speaker is discussing.
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SLANT leads to Success

If you are able to follow all these steps then you will hopefully be more successful in class. Now let's practice.