Jon, Rylie, and Parker

Advantages & Disadvantages


Some advantages of wind is that it is free. It runs by itself. Some others are that wind turbines take up very little space and can be anywhere because they can be many different sizes. It is cheep/ free. Plus after a wind turbine has been installed there in no pollution.


Some disadvantages of wind are that the strength can vary and can be unpredictable. Also some people do not think that windmills or turbines are very pretty to have around their home. It can cause some pollution when the turbine is being installed and can disturb wild life.


This shows how windmills can help, but sometimes it can go wrong.

Crazy windmills

Wind Storm

This shows how it can be bad and damage a entire city.

Strong Winds Knock Down Pedestrians, Trees In Brussels And Amsterdam
Advantages & Disadvanages

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