Steve McCurry

Afghan Girl

Background history on the photo

Steve McCurry thoughts on the photo of the Afghan girl was the he wanted a photo that tells a story of what the person is like at that place at that time. The photo is famous because it is a symbol of the 1980 Afghan conflict and of the refuge of the situation through the world wide. The photo was shoot in Pakistan , but Steve had to ask permission to shoot a photo of refuge of story. And this photo was in action and not in studio. The story is about how the girl is in Pakistan and how the town is.

My opinion

This portrait is awesome and captures of what is happening in Pakistan. What makes this portrait unique is that the girl from Pakistan is looking at the camera with her Pakistan clothes. The only thing I would change this photo is I would add a background to the photo and not make the photo up close. Steve McCurry did capture the girl's personality.

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