Rotaract District 7070

November and December 2016

Happy New Year!

2017 is here, and Rotaract District 7070 is ready to roll into the new year! The past two months have been busy for our district, however. Let's take a look at how our Rotaract clubs wrapped up 2016 with a bang.
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Congratulations to the New Rotaract Club of Ryerson!

Co-President Presidents Lauren Kohli and Lien Chia, and Vice-President Hannah Abraham share their experiences joining the Rotaract family and spearheading the new club at Ryerson University.

Lauren Kohli

Joining the Rotaract family has truly opened my eyes and allowed me to embrace "service above self" in my actions. Rotaract has changed my perspective as to the extent of an impact we can make in the world. It has taught me that there is no act of kindness too big or too small to make a difference in our community. I am honored to be apart of such a remarkable organization. I joined Rotaract because the mission statement aligns with my core values. I look forward to be apart of many great initiatives surrounded by passionate individuals.

Lien Chia

Lien is a fourth year Business Management student specializing in Human Resources and is the Co-President and Founder of the Rotaract Club at Ryerson University. She is active in school life and enjoys helping others. When she's not hitting the books or volunteering, she enjoy cooking, conversations over tea, and graphic designing.

"Rotary International's values resonates with me, and I am excited to join a community of hardworking, passionate and giving individuals, who seek to transform their communities and create positive change."

Hannah Abraham

I feel honoured and privileged to be entering the Rotaract family. I am glad that we can make Ryerson a part of this family along with the other schools. We would like Ryerson students as well as the community to be more aware of the different volunteering opportunities and how much of an impact volunteering can make locally, nationally, and internationally. I joined Rotaract because its mission itself aligns with my values and beliefs of "service above self." Giving back to the community is an important commitment that everyone should want to do, not because they have to, but because they desire to. As the Executive Vice President of the Rotaract Club of Ryerson University (RCRU), I am most looking forward to establishing a founding team that will empower change at Ryerson which will leave a legacy for many others to follow and to be involved. I am excited to raise funds for a variety of charities with a group of people who love giving back to the community at large.

University of Toronto

Rotaract Art Gala at U of T

on November 25th, 2016 UofT Rotaract hosted an art gala featuring paintings made by local artists and performances by U of T students. All of the art held at the gala was successfully sold, and the club raised around $600 to donate to SKETCH and the Scarborough Women Shelter.

Rotaract eClub

C.O.R.E Mentorship Program

The Rotaract eClub will be running it's mentorship program C.O.R.E (Creating new Opportunities, Relationships, and Experiences) this new year and will be extending its applications until January 14th 2017!

Find out more about the program and the application forms on our website at:

Rotaract Club of Toronto

Fred Victor Women's Hostel Birthday Party

On December 17th, Rotaractors once again held a birthday party at the Fred Victor Women's Hostel Birthday Party to celebrate residents with December birthdays. Past President Sarah and Professional Development Director Katherine spent the night before baking delicious cupcakes for the party. Rotaract volunteers led a few rounds of bingo with the residents before setting up stations for decorating Christmas cookies.

New Members Inducted!

The Rotaract Club of Toronto has had a busy fall and winter season! In December, they celebrated their 19th anniversary as a club with two cakes hand made by their own Community Service Director, Catherine. At this celebration, they also inducted three new members, Mike Jay, Cern Bakar, and Haakon Webber-Winsor as full members of their club.

Volunteering with Rotary

Throughout December, members of the Rotaract Club of Toronto volunteered with the Rotary Club of Toronto for their Children's and Senior's Christmas Parties. Club members enjoyed decorating, blowing balloons, table hosting, entertaining, taking photos and face painting.

New Website!

The Toronto Rotaract club is excited for 2017 and will be launching a brand new website for their club! Their meetings resume Monday January 16th.

York University Rotaract

Kids Against Hunger Volunteering

The Rotaractors and York University volunteered at Kinds Against Hunger through December, and launched their MicroSkills Mentorship Program: Session 1 as well to wrap up 2016!
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Rotaract Roundtrips: Sarah R. Hui on Taiwan Roundtrip 2016

I <3 Rotaract Roundtrips.

This love for Rotaract Roundtrips started in 2014 when I went on my first trip to Poland. Not only did I meet amazing and friendly Polish Rotaractors, I had an amazing time with the five other Rotaractors from France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine. The year after in 2015, I was lucky enough to be selected to go on the Aegean Rotaract Roundtrip to explore Turkey with Rotaractors from Turkey, Canada, Sri Lanka, Italy, India, Malaysia and Argentina. Now in 2016, I decided to apply to the first ever France Rotaract Roundtrip where I got to meet wonderful Rotaractors from Taiwan, Brazil, Colombia and Egypt. All these positive memories was the key motivating factor in my application for the Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip.

The Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip was an adventure that highlighted the strong organizational skills, the generous hospitality and friendliness of the Taiwanese Rotaractors. Everything was so well planned down to the matching t-shirts for the Trippers and the Taiwanese Rotaractors, a customized 2016 Taiwan Rotaract Trip banner, photo shoots, plus all the meals and activities. During the trip, we felt like celebrities that were welcomed with open arms – one of the best stories was when I learned how our welcome dinner was supposed to be nice and small group of about 20-30 people. However, more and more of the Taiwanese Rotaractors wanted to greet us and make us feel special that it ended up being an event that had over 120 people – the maximum capacity of the ballroom. Finally, in terms of friendliness, I find that in these trips you connect quickly with people as you know that the time that you have together is limited and you want to make the most of it. On our final night together none of us wanted to sleep as we didn’t want to waste a minute of it sleeping so we pulled an all-nighter [well… I technically slept for 2 hours so I had enough energy for my 2 hour flight to Hong Kong with a 4 hour layover until my 15 hour flight back to Toronto].

This trip had a lot of similarities as all my other trips – jam-packed schedules that equated to little sleep, new friendships amongst the trippers and the host country Rotaractors and, experiencing unique/new things related to the culture. However, what made this trip unique and memorable was the intentional thoughtfulness of which everything was done:

  • Being picked up at the airport with a Hello Kitty sign because my host knew that I liked Hello Kitty

  • Seeing that we were tired from all the activities and taking us all of us for massages – which by the way, wasn’t on the itinerary

  • Doing laundry for all of us so that we could wear our Taiwan Rotaract Roundtrip t-shirts as we went from each city

  • Asking for our addresses so that Christmas presents could be sent to us

Although this ten day Rotaract Roundtrip that I had with Rotaractors from Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Romania and Macedonia is over, I’ll let you in on a little secret – you too can go to Taiwan and meet even more Rotaractors from all around the world.

Taiwan is hosting Interota ( from September 2-6 in 2017. Interota is a triennial worldwide Rotaract meeting organized by Rotaractors and hosted on a rotating basis in different cities. Interota is the only international Rotaract conference recognized by the Board of Rotary International.

This conference offers diversified programs, including keynote speech, workshops, discussions, cultural activities, service projects, and tours. Rotaractors from all over the world will join together to exchange ideas, share experiences, learn different cultures, and celebrate the milestone of 50 years of Rotaract.

By Sarah R. Hui

Past President

Rotaract Club of Toronto

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