Kay Edith Irvin

by Abbie Barnsley

My Grandmother Kay Edith Irvin

Kay Edith Irvin was born on the 4th December 1940 at walgett hospital New South Wales Australia and weighing 4 lbs. 14 ½ inches long.

Kay attended primary school at Walcha central school and then went to Walcha high school and she said she had very lovely teachers through her school life. At school she said they had ink-wells built into the wooden desks and they never had pens and pencils like we have today. Definitely didn’t know what a computer or laptop were. At school kay had really long braided hair and the boys that sat behind her would put the ends of her hair in the ink pots, and when it was time to go home she would get into trouble for having the ink through her hair.

When Kay finished school at 16 year old she worked in a drapery shop (sewing) for 12 months. When she turned 176 she left home and went to Queensland to start her nursing Career at Brisbane General Hospital, and then went onto Princess Alexandra Hospital. Kay loved nursing and did 3 years then left to marry ray Giess in the year 1960.

After the marriage they moved to Ipswich in Queensland Australia and there they had 3 daughters and the fourth child (My mother) was born in Gladstone Queensland Australia and then that’s where jay and ray moved for work in 1972. Ray and kay separated in 1976 and that’s when she raised 4 children on her own.