Weekly Launch

October 9-13

Reminders and Announcements

-Thank you for a great PD day today. I hope you were able to get some sharing and planning done this afternoon!

-Don't forget to join PTA and pay your LOL dues

-Arturo Sanchez-one of our board members-will be speaking at our PTA meeting on Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

-If you are wearing jeans and it is not a jeans day, you need to be turning in a jeans pass into Sherri that morning.

-We will be wrapping up jeans pass sales this week. This money is used to purchase our basket for the CCEF gala. I know that some of you do payroll deductions for CCEF and you should be getting your Whataburger coupon soon. Thank you for helping us support CCEF. The deadline for mini-grants is approaching soon. You can write a mini grant this weekend! The grant is for up to $500 and will be given out by Nov. 15th.

-You will have another opportunity to purchase jeans pass! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, you can purchase 3 jeans passes for October 16, 23, and 30. If you purchase the pass, you can wear jeans and a pink shirt. We will use the money to purchase some dinners for Stacy and will donate the rest to a foundation.

-If your team has not finished your character board, please try to get it done as soon as possible. We would like to be able to judge and give the winners lunch as soon as we can.

-Thank you for helping us collect the borrowed lunch money. I am still a little nervous about this. PTA has given us $500 to cover this and I had a sweet parent who donated $100. We would still like to make sure that we are paid back if possible. We are only letting them borrow for lunch-not breakfast.

Important Dates

October 9-3rd Learning Progression math-am, S.S.-pm


October 10-2nd Planning Day

1st Science am/4th Science pm workshop

PBIS team meeting


October 11-Technical Assistance Day

Science Kinder am/3rd science pm workshop

Pre-K/Kinder Fire truck visit


PTA General Meeting-5:30


October 12-Kinder math collaboration-Stadium

Science 2nd am/ 5th science pm workshop

Pre-K/Kinder Fire truck visit

Girls Basketball at Dismissal


October 13-Early Release Day

End of 9 weeks

1st/2nd BAS ends

Share character idea in its learning

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Work Ethic

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Criswell

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Word of the Week-appropriate

Assessment Dates

Oct. 9 - Nov. 10: AMC Grade 1 Combinations Assessment Baseline window in Aware

Oct. 16 - Nov. 17: BAS/SEL Kindergarten Fall window in Aware

The following assessments close in Aware on Oct. 13:

  • AMC Kindergarten Counting Assessment
  • AMC Grade 2 Combinations Assessment Baseline
  • BAS/SEL Grade 2 Fall
  • BAS/SEL Grade 1 Fall

BAS level needs to be in AWARE by Oct. 16th.


To Cari Brandt-She came back and hit the ground running helping in my classroom. Of course, with every kid and not just her assigned kids-Nicole Janese

To Kelly Wagner-SHe has done a wonderful job as our new grade level chair. She keeps us organized and works hard every day. Thank you Kelly for being so great!-Kristin Strawn

To Rosemary Lagrone-she offered to step in with a take charge attitude and has done an exceptional job supporting everyone on the team and getting information to us-Wende Bach

To Meghan Bionat-she has seamlessly taken over GLC responsibilities for 4th grade.She hasn't felt great but has been a great leader for our team despite a little "morning sickness". 4th grade rocks and Meghan helps us be the best we can be!-Ginger Criswell

When you leave the house in your slippers!

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