By: John O'Toole

About them

Flounders are apart of the flat fish family, they are found on the oceans floor.

Both of its eyes are on top of they're head on either side of its brain.

They camouflage on the bottom of the ocean for protection.

They ambush their prey and hunt in muddy areas like under bridges, coral reafs, and docks.

They are usually 1-3 pounds and 15-20 inches long.



Gulf State Waters

Atlantic State Waters

Minimum Size Limit 12” total length

Daily Bag Limit 10 per harvester per day

How to catch them

Get a pack of chartreuse and use those in dirty water. Buy a pack of the pearl white color for clearer water. Buy several flounder rigs, which consist of a swivel and 2-ounce sinker with a bright float above the hook connection, to keep the bait off the bottom. Then buy a pack of circle hooks, size 1 or 2.