Long Distance Relationships

By: Rudy Stofer


My challenge is long distance relationships. This is an issue today because it is very hard to communicate or have a relationship with someone from a long distance. Nearly 14% of relationships are long distance across the nation. That number stays about the same for just Nebraskans. The long term effect of (LDR) could be the event of a breakup or a divorce unless they handle the relationship properly.

Using what I learned to adress this issue, if people want a (LDR) they need to be able to effectively communicate and see each other as often as possible. To avoid a (LDR) make sure you and your partner can always be close and to try to stay as close to them as possible.

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Another credible source for your use is http://unomaha.uloop.com/news/view.php/174892/4-Long-Distance-Relationship-Truths.