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Shakespeare: His Marriage

Video (2:11) History does not reveal what young Shakespeare did for a living. At age 18, he married a woman of 24, Anne Hathaway. With three children and a wife, Shakespeare left Stratford for London, to make his fortune in the theater.

Explore Insults by Shakespeare

Video (6:23) by April Gundenrath

History of English - Shakespeare

Video (1:06) Over the course of his career, Shakespeare invented approximately 2,000 new words and phrases; he understood the power of catch phrases. (Classroom Video On Demand)

Online Books of William Shakespeare

A comprehensive list of Shakespeare's works online. This site offers several versions, some with commentary and annotations for easier reading. Arranged by title, you will find more than one hundred and twenty volumes. (Univ. of Penn)

Link to list of books created by him and from his works (even graphic novels) from Novelist

William Shakespeare utilized historical incidents, mythology, and the paranormal to fashion plays and poetry presenting contemporary Elizabethan history and folklore. In masterfully eloquent language, Shakespeare interweaves complex characters and ingenious multilayered plots to craft brilliant commentary upon the human condition.

His passionate and poetic characters (such as star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, or the vengeful Hamlet) leap from the pages of his dramas, comedies, histories, and sonnets. He unveils thought-provoking ideas amid a sophisticated landscape of metaphor. Start with: Hamlet.

Genre: Classics; Historical comics; Poetry
Storyline: Character-driven; Intricately plotted
Tone: Dramatic; Haunting; Romantic
Writing Style: Compelling