Terrific Tuesday

Carlisle Elementary School

May 17, 2016

Fun in the Rain Was a Hit!

Despite the cold temps and rain, the students enjoyed the water slides. As usual, Ms. Amanda was a rock star and did a great job supervising the students! Thanks to Mrs. V., Coach Roberson, Mrs. Caviness, Mrs. Brown and Ms. Hanks for helping out where needed...another example of Team AWESOME! I appreciate our team of classroom teachers for enduring the wet clothes as the students changed, Mrs. Kittler for braving the cold water so that three of our students would not miss out on the fun and for Mrs. Calhoun for helping us break down the slides (at 6:00 pm). I stand in awe of the extra mile you all go. Thank you for always stepping up and doing it with a smile. You are appreciated.

4th Nine Weeks Behavior Intentive

Popsicles on the Playground will be held next week in hopes of better weather. This will be the reward for those students receiving a A in conduct the last quarter. Please let the students know their reward is coming.


There are still several contracts in the office that need to be picked up. Please refer to Mr. Clark's email regarding the last date to turn the the contracts in. Mr. Stewart currently has the contracts in his office.

Grades and Grade Cards ....This Should Fill Your Bucket!

Tammy has figured out how to run transcripts from eSchool...this means you DO NOT have to fill out the permanent record card! YAY!! Grades are due in eSchool by Thursday, May 19th. Verification forms will be run on Monday, May 23rd so you can check for errors prior to filing the transcripts in the students permanent files.


5th graders leave for Ocean Camp

PreK Water Day on Playground

3rd grade park day

Wednesday, May 18

Kindergarten Fairy Tale Ball - Old Library

Thursday, May 19

6th grade park day

3rd Grade Field Trip

Grades due in eSchool

Friday, May 20
6th grade 4-H Trip

PreK End of the Year Program - CES Cafeteria

5th grade returns from Ocean Camp