Install Office 365

...from anywhere...

Every staff member and student is allocated licenses for Microsoft products

Faculty and staff can use these licenses even on personal devices.

DISCLAIMER: Don't forget, these are in conjunction with your employment and work through your school log-in/your professional school account, though. Anything done with school resources are just as accountable under Open Records Requests and similar public service obligations as anything else and all the ramifications that are associated with those liabilities.

ALSO: If you purchased a decommissioned laptop/device from the Technology Department, you may need to create a local account on the computer before you will be able to easily install programs. If that's the case, follow these steps, as well --> How To Create Accounts in Windows

Follow the steps below to gain access to the Microsoft Office 365 Suite:



All activity associated with your professional account fall under the usual employment agreements associated with accountability liabilities of Hudson ISD.