The 13 Colonies

By: Abby

New England Colony

Most Pilgrims would settle here. They had very harsh winters but warm spring and summers. They had lots of forest and hills. They had natural resources like water or the ocean, the soil for farming, and iron for ships and other stuff. Most people had jobs like farming and ship builders. They would trade timber and other cash crops. Most people came to the colonies because they wanted freedom of religion. That helped lots of people go there own way.

Middle Colony

Most settlers were Jamestown people. They had very deep rivers to cross and flat land, lots of it. There was a very warm climate. It was perfect for farming and millers. They would grow wheat and other crops and sold most of them. They would also trade cattle and iron.

They had Quakers and they didn't believe in slaves.

Southern Colony

The Roanoke were the ones to take this colony. They had a bay, mountains, And forest. They had a climate warmer then the middle colony.They had rice, fish, and timber. They grew indigo as a cash crop. They had farms to do that. They used the harbor to trade tobacco. The were Catholic and believed in slaves.

Compare and Contrast

If you were to go to the colonies in that time they would look different and simlier in ways. They would all have plantations and space for houses but, in the New England and Southern there are forest, not in the middle and the middle colony is the only colony to have very deep rivers. You would also see slaves working out in the plantations in the southern colony not the New England and middle Colonies. Last in the middle colony there are ship loaders and unloaders, not in the others.