we cant hide our blue devil pride!

wtih pride anyone is capaple.

anyone and everyone can show off their blue devil pride by being

.Prepared: Be knowledgeable, think about outcomes before they happen.

.Respectful: Be principled, stay open-minded and have positive feelings towards others

. Intentional: Be a thinker, inquire when unaware and know your goals

.Diligent: Be reflective, work consistently and stay aware of your grades

.Engaged: Be balanced, actively participate in class and lend support to your classmates

Stay True To The Blue

Every day thousands of students just like you stay true to the blue by showing their pride at school.

Stride for pride

You will encounter many setbacks during school, but

showing your pride can lead you towards your goals/objectives and even a higher reward.

Eliminate the chances of dire consequences appearing by working hard towards your objectives and having persistence when finding solutions.