Halfa Legacy

The Red, The White and The Black

A New Home.

Not many people know me, and I mean truly know me.

I'm kind of a whore; a bitchy, well-rounded, kinky fucker.

Now that the introduction is done, I'll get to the Legacy.

I've made my resolutions for the year like almost every woman and those few men who guilt themselves into it:

1. Stop fucking Sarah Stacey.

2. Don't fuck more than two guys this year.

3. Sleep with as many women as possible.

4. Get a divorce.

5. Don't bitch.

6. Manage time and money better.

Well, I've slept with Sarah at least ten times since the knew year and almost slept with him last night. He's also a whore, but he has a cock and let's me ass fuck him whenever I want; it's like we were made to fuck each other.

I've only fucked one guy and in doing so have not had to create an alias for some other soul that's traversed this canopy.

The others are sure to fall through. Who gives a shit, really? I do things out of habit. Sex, baking, cooking, cleaning, driving, eating. I'm a house wife, not very trophied of me to do these things, sure, I'll admit it.

I work hard to keep my secrets and I'm a compulsive liar-those are my hobbies.

And in ten minutes I'm going to fuck a stranger I met online.

Welcome to my New Year and my new home.


And to the next day.