Cheer competition levels 1-5

May 18 12-6:30pm

Competitve cheer teams are welcomed to compete at Cheer expression!  Judges will be looking forward to different stunts and tricks.  Trios, duets, and groups will be competing to win grand champs and age group!  Eack winner will get a banner and trophy.  Clothes will be sold seperatly at the event to have people remember that they competed at Cheer Expression!

Cheer Expression

Saturday, May 18th 2013 at 12-6:30pm

Saw Mill Run Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA

Judges will be looking for appearance, expressions, cleanliness, sharpness, and how well the teams perform their stunts.  Each routine requires a stunt, level 2-5 requires tumbling, and every level has to do at least one set of jumps.  Ages 6-15


  11:45 check in  12:00 annouce rules and deductions  12:10 level 1s start   1:10 level 1s end 2s begin  2:10 2s end 3s begin  3:10 3s end 4s begin  4:10 4s end 5s begin  5:10 5s end   5:50 awards cermony  6:25 awards ceremony ends everyone has to go

Our Gym

Our gym does levels 1-5.  Privates have to be scheduled at the beginning of the year.  A couple times each year there is an open gym session.  Our students are expected to work their hardest to do better.  Students who are disruptive and do not participate can be kicked out.