College Costs too Much

Vincent Thurman

College Is Expensive

College is really expensive, and the government doesn't do much about it. High schools always push to get scholarships, study hard, get good grades, and get good SAT and ACT scores. All of this stresses out every student. Doing this makes every student want to go to college less and less every time they hear this because it is stressful.

College is free in other countries?!

Colleges in other countries including; Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway, and etc... It seems like the other countries on earth seem to want their high school graduates to do something with their lives and not worry or stress about money to pay for it. However, you got good ol' UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that would only pay for a little bit of it if you're lucky. Guess what, they make you pay back the money they loan you plus interest. So good luck paying that off by the time you're 35.

College is even Reduced in other countries!

College is greatly reduced in Canada and other countries such as Ireland and Brazil. How can these other countries be so much better than good ol' USA? It's because they have higher income on the average person, but higher taxes. I would love to pay higher taxes if I got paid $10/hr if it meant I received free or reduced college.

Price is High, Guaranteed job is low!?

How can college be so pricey, if you aren't even guaranteed a job right out of college. How are you suppose to pay back your interest on those loans you took out from the government if you can't get a job? The cheapest in state school for Indiana is $4,752.00. This is just for 1 semester. How can someone make almost $5,000 in 6 months? Even on a minimum wage job and working 35 hours roughly gives you $4,000, and most people don't even get a job until they are OVER a YEAR out of college.

Lowest costs of colleges.

The cheapest school in Indiana to attend is Vincennes University. Averaging costs are around $15,000. Coming in second place is Purdue whipping around $16,000. If these are the cheapest we can go to college for then we are going to have to take out students loans. There's no doubt about it.

Highest Costs of colleges

The most expensive college to go to in Indiana is the University of Notre Dame. Whipping the cost around $60,000. This is ridiculous, even with scholarships. With this being the most expensive school why do so many people want to go there?

Amount of high school graduates that go to college

Around 40% of all high school students don't end up attending college. This is ridiculous, why should almost half of our high school population not go to college. Is it because maybe the government makes it too expensive. Maybe it's because the government makes it hard to get loans. Maybe it's even because they don't like school. However, I know that it's because it is way to expensive to go to college.

Amount of people in debt from college

Almost 40 MILLION students are in debt due to college. This is crazy that 40 MILLION people can be in debt for going to school so they can function in society as a hard working american. Why does it seem that the government wants Americans to not go to college. It seems as if they want us to be in debt, it seems they're only doing this for their own benefit.

How old you are when you finally pay off loans

Students are paying off debts until they are around their 50's! There is a woman who is 57 years old and still owes $152,000 in student loans that she took out 20 years ago. This is ridiculous that we have someone who is almost 60 still paying off students debts. She probably won't even be alive by the time she pays it off.

We should reduce the costs of college

We should definitely reduce college costs here in america. This is because people want to go to school but can't because of the cost. Almost 40% don't because it costs too much. Also, the government wants this just for the money. Nothing else, they don't care if we get a education, they just care if they can pay back all their debt from loaning out to other countries, and war. We should definitely reduce college costs.