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June 16, 2021

seniors: some final things to consider...

Want credit for your college classes? How to send a transcript

If you took college classes, be sure to arrange to have your final college transcript sent to the college you plan to attend. They can only give credit if they have this. Click on the colleges where you took classes during high school and follow instructions to request a transcript:


Westfield State

UMASS Amherst

Getting accommodations at HCC (and other places)

If you had an IEP or 504 in high school (or if you have a documented disability), you are likely able to get services in college! These might include accommodations, tutoring, assistive technology and more! All colleges have an office that serves students with disabilities. If you are going to HCC, be sure to complete the Student Inquiry Form on this website and send in your IEP and testing to be able to get services!

Need help securing a job?

Become a Masshire youth member (the youth department works with people up to age 24). Fill out this online registration form. MassHire can help with job searching and job preparation.

We're still here to help! Reach out to these people for college & career help!

Summer Programs!

We have been posting several great summer opportunities in the School Counseling Google Classroom, including summer jobs with Youthworks, FREE summer philosophy program with UMASS, Gear Up summer programming (video game design, college prep, and more), and others! We will continue to add to this list as summer programs become available. All students should be in the Google classrooms by now, but here are the join codes for those who are not. Once the student joins, the parent can join as well:

Grade 9

Invite Link Here


Grade 10

Invite Link Here


Grade 11

Invite Link Here


Grade 12

Invite Link Here


Email for help joining the Google Classroom!

PAST editions

May 13, 2021

Want to take a college class next year?

11th and 12th grade students can take a class at HCC, UMASS, or Westfield State next year. All information about our dual enrollment classes, application process and deadlines can be found at the link below. Deadline to register for all fall dual enrollment classes is June 1st!

Dual Enrollment Options, Forms and Deadlines

Appointments for help with college/career planning and FAFSA.

Seniors...Still need help with that FAFSA or those last minute college plans? It's NEVER too late!

We have 2 post-graduate coaches helping our seniors to finalize their college and career plans and complete a FAFSA! They are available in-person or virtual and on days, evenings and weekends! Please contact them for an appointment! (Contact info below with their photos)

They ARE available after you graduate too!

SAT's for grade 11 students

HHS will offer the SAT on June 5th. 11th grade students should register by May 26th (late registration deadline) on They can email their school counselor for a fee waiver code if needed (the fee waiver will cover the late fee)

If they need help registering, they should attend Gear Up office hours:

Jazzmun Baez (Gear Up Advisor)

Office Hours



Zoom link:

Or by appointment:

Senior Resource Sheet

Useful resources for college and career help

HHS Scholarship List

There are STILL scholarships for seniors to apply for!

past editions

april 15, 2021


Why May 1st is important...

National College Reply Deadline!

  • Most 4 year colleges require that a student commit to a college by this date. If you do not commit (and send your deposit) by May 1st, they will assume you are not going and will give your spot to someone else!

FAFSA Priority Deadline!

  • Students should complete FAFSA by May 1st to be considered for maximum financial aid. Students who complete after May 1st will not be eligible for certain state grants, such as Mass Grant.

Senior Survey for name on Diploma!

There was a senior meeting on April 14th during squad. Seniors who attended filled out this survey to indicate their plans for after high school and also to indicate how their name should appear on their diploma. Seniors who missed the meeting MUST complete this survey!

senior spotlight

Grades 9-11

College Admissions Panel

College Admissions professionals from private and public colleges will be joining us to provide a Q&A about college admissions for HHS students and parents! Come have all your questions answered!

Thursday, May 6


Zoom Link

Summer Programs and other opportunities!

The School Counseling Office has been posting summer enrichment opportunities as well as other useful information in the Google Classroom for each grade. Students and parents are encouraged to use the Google Classroom to stay up-to-date on opportunities and announcements!

Grade 9

Invite Link Here


Grade 10

Invite Link Here


Grade 11

Invite Link Here


Grade 12

Invite Link Here


April 1, 2021


SENIORS: Where were you accepted? Where are you headed next year? we want to know!

Please send pictures of yourself with a poster/sign/pennant (anything) that shows which colleges you've been accepted at OR which branch of the military you'll be joining OR where you'll be going to work or job training. We'd like to celebrate our seniors as they solidify their plans for after high school. Send the pictures to!

**If you do not feel comfortable sending a picture, simply write your name and your acceptances or plans for next year.

HHS Scholarship List

MANY upcoming deadlines! These take work, so start now!

HCC Squad Sessions

All seniors planning (or highly considering) attending HCC next year should be attending Ms. Rigali's Zoom Link every day for Squad. HCC attends and helps students through the entire registration process.

Click here to see the HCC Squad Sessions Calendar

FAFSA and planning help!

We have 2 new people on board who can meet with you in person at a time that works for you to help with FAFSA or post-secondary planning. Reach out!

Natasha Reno: 413-437-0500 (Google Voice);

Derek Estrella (speaks Spanish): (413) 561-0275 (Google voice),

Senior Spotlight: Where will they go from here?

Big picture

Grades 9-11

College Admissions Roundtable and Other Workshops

On May 6th at 6:30pm, HHS will host a virtual roundtable of college admissions counselors to answer questions for students and parents. We will have representatives from Smith, Westfield, Holy Cross, UMASS, Elms and more!

Please click here for the the zoom link and other upcoming college events.

Early College Applications still being accepted!

Grade 9 students can still apply to be part of the HCC Early College program. Details and application here.

Grade 10 students can still apply to be part of the Westfield Promise Early College program.

Application here.

Program information here.

Juniors: Sign-up to take a FREE College Prep course at HHS!

The HHS College Counseling program will be offering a FREE class to 11th grade students who plan to apply to 4 year colleges. The class will begin the week of April 26th (right after April vacation). Participants will choose to be part of the Monday group (meets 3-4:15pm) or the Friday group (meets 8-9:15am).

Sign-up here

Sign-up for the June SAT at HHS (Juniors)

Email your school counselor if you need a fee waiver

Past Newsletter Editions/Ediciones pasadas

March 18, 2021


College Decision Workshops

Many workshops from MEFA on comparing financial aid packages and making college decisions!


Upcoming workshops for juniors & families

Start preparing for college!

Classes for Grade 12

Juniors selected their grade 12 classes on February 26th! If your child has not yet chosen their classes for next year, they should immediately go into the School Counseling Google Classroom (class code: lixrahe) and select their classes. Their counselor will call, text or email them to go over their selections. They MUST respond to their school counselor.
SAT Dates and Registration Deadlines

We recommend taking the SAT this spring or summer when it is safe to do so. Email your school counselor for a fee waiver code when registering.

Junior Meeting!

HHS Counselors will be meeting with the junior class on Friday, March 26th during squad (1:50-3pm) to go over detailed college and career planning information. This meeting is required of all students. Please make sure you/your child are/is in school on this day! Zoom link will be shared later.

Free College Prep Class-Sign Up!

HHS College Counseling will be offering a class, outside of school hours, for juniors who plan to apply to 4 year colleges next year. The class will prepare them for the application process, including learning how to search for colleges, making a college list, signing up for SAT's, preparing college essays and letters of recommendation and more. Please complete this Interest Form if you are interested in taking this class.


Upcoming Workshops about College

Sophomore families are encouraged to attend workshops about college to begin preparing!

Course Selection

School counselors are visiting sophomore classes this week to talk about course selection. This year, students will enter their course selections electronically through the grade 10 Google Classroom. Students and parents who are not yet part of the Grade 10 School Counseling Google Classroom should join (join code: 66bej3c). Selections are due on March 24th. Please scroll below for the last addition of the College Counseling Corner to view videos that will help you choose good classes for college!

Westfield Promise Information Session

Grade 10 students can apply to be part of the Westfield Promise Early College program this year! Accepted students will take 2 Westfield State classes in their junior year (at HHS and supported by HHS teachers) and will take 2-4 Westfield State classes AT Westfield State in their 12th grade year. Come to a virtual information session on:

Thursday, March 18th


Zoom Link


Academies and Courses

Grade 9 students attended their Academy Selection Celebration on March 1 & 2. They now know which academy their will be part of in grades 10-12!

Grade 9 students also selected courses for grade 10 on those days! Students have a copy of their selected courses in their email.

HCC Early College Applications Due!

Grade 9 students can apply to be part of the Holyoke Community College Early College program. Accepted students will take their first college class in grade 10 (second semester), AT HHS! They will continue to take college classes at HCC in grades 11 and 12, earning both high school and college credit. Great opportunity for students who need some support and confidence in order to be college ready! A reminder that applications for this program are due on March 19th. Applications can be found here.

february 11, 2021

Upcoming College & Career Workshops

for students of all grades and their families

Sending mid-year grades to colleges

Grades for semester 2 will be posted on February 12th. Colleges will want copies of your mid-year transcript. For colleges that you applied through using the Common App, your school counselor will automatically upload your mid-year transcript. For other colleges, you must request that a mid-year transcript be sent. You can do this by using the Documents Request form (this document is linked here and can also be found in the Grade 12 School Counseling Google Classroom).

HCC Squad Sessions

HCC (Holyoke Community College) is virtually coming to HHS 1-2 times per week during squad. They will be helping seniors do all of the steps to enroll at HCC (including financial aid). Students who want to attend should go to their regular squad class for attendance and then join Ms. Rigali's Zoom link afterward.

These videos give tips on choosing classes that will get you into college

High School Classes and College Admissions
Cursos de High School y Admision Universitaria

College & Career Office Hours

Ms. Rigali will be offering office hours on Mondays from 6-7pm for students of any grade level and families to ask questions related to college and career.



Join with Zoom

january 28, 2021

Seeking past students and parents/guardians to give feedback!

The HHS College Counseling department is looking to put together focus groups of alumni and parent(s)/guardian(s) of alumni to get input on your experience with college preparation at HHS. In an effort to improve the college preparation experience for current and future students and families, we need your input on what you valued most while at HHS and what improvements could have been made. To sign-up to participate in the focus groups, RSVP here (Spanish version)

Mid-term exams next week!

Mid-term exams are next week! Good grades are the key to college success. Midterms=10% of a student's grade. Exam schedule:

  • Tues, 2/2: A and B block exams
  • Wed, 2/3: C and D block exams
  • Thurs, 2/4: E and F block exams
  • Fri, 2/5: G block exam and make-ups for any missed exams

Upcoming Workshops: Scholarships, Choosing a College, Junior College Night, Etc!

Keep informed about upcoming workshops! Workshop tonight about scholarships!

All dates, times, topics and Zoom link can be viewed here.

HCC Squad Sessions

Seniors planning to attend HCC next year (or thinking about it) are invited to participate in HCC Squad Sessions. HCC will "virtually" visit HHS during squad to help with choosing a major, filling out an application, applying for financial aid, taking a placement test, etc.

Seniors should sign-up here.

Sessions will be during squad starting February 9th.

January 14, 2021

PSAT cancelled for 20-21 school year

Due to the continuing constraints posed by the pandemic, HHS will not be offering the PSAT this school year. We are committed to helping students in 11th grader plan for the SAT as soon as they are safely able to take it. 10th graders will have the opportunity to take this test next year.

Connect with Holyoke Community College!

Use this link to sign-up for an individual appointment with Harold Santiago, HCC admissions counselor. He can help with applying, financial aid and more! English/Spanish speaking.

4 year college? Seniors, it's not too late to apply!

Although some deadlines have passed, there are many colleges that have February and March deadlines to apply. Consider looking at the Massachusetts Public State Universities and applying! Many have supportive programs for first generation students and low income students.
Missed Financial Aid Night? No problem!

The slideshows (with a video included on the last slide) are available in English and Spanish on the HHS College Planning & Financial Aid website.

HHS Master Scholarship List

Scholarships are posted on an ongoing basis. This list is available in the School Counseling Google Classroom and on the College Planning & Financial Aid Website.

Information Sessions about College Transition for Students with Disabilities

The Banacos Center at Westfield State University is offering several upcoming sessions to educate families about the transition to college for students with disabilities, including how a 504 or IEP may or may not "transfer" to college, what kinds of supports are available in college, etc. Please visit this link for more information (includes dates and times). Students/families grades 9-12 are welcome!

Gear Up Virtual College Fair for all grades! Jan. 26th-28th

GEAR UP is offering a Virtual College Night for students to meet with college reps and learn more about college

4-5:15 PM

January 26th: Community Colleges

January 27th: 4 year public colleges

January 28th: 4 year private colleges

Register here

FAFSA Completion Challenge!

Get your FAFSA completed between now and February break (by 2/12) and be entered into a raffle to win HHS swag and an Amazon gift card! How to play:

Need help?

HHS College Counseling Website

for all your college and financial aid needs

December 17, 2020

College Application Deadlines Fast Approaching!

Many application deadlines are in January and February! Make sure you submit your application on time and ask your teachers and school counselor to send their letters of recommendation and your transcript by the deadline as well. Where do you find deadlines? On the "Admissions" section of each college's website! Where do you find the applications and requirements? On the "Admissions" section of each college website! Use the holiday vacation to finish up any college applications that you have not completed yet!

Financial Aid Deadlines fast approaching!

Financial Aid deadlines are ALSO often in January and February. Visit the "Financial Aid" section of each college website to learn: which applications they require (FAFSA and possibly the CSS/PROFILE) and to learn their deadlines. Last minute financial aid help, email Ms. Rigali for a virtual appointment: or call/text to 413-561-2506!

Cool Career Opportunities

HCC Community Health Worker Apprenticeship Program

Interested in health careers? Not sure about college? Not sure where to start? Become a community health worker apprentice...take FREE classes and get a stipend!

Springfield Electrical Union Apprenticeships-Apply!

The local electrical union is currently accepting applications for potential apprentices. The first step is to attend an informational session. Information is included here.

MCAC Successes!

On November 19th and 20th, 15 colleges visited virtually with HHS seniors. 36 seniors participated in the event and received 28 college acceptances and $285,000 in scholarship money should they choose to attend those colleges.

Thank you for our partner colleges, Gear Up, and especially to our seniors who showed up to impress!

Need help with school or college/career planning?

Gear Up is available for individual help by appointment! Email or call/text Mary Colon to set up a time! She can help with school work or with college/career/financial aid tasks. or 413-579-8351

17 de diciembre 2020

¡Se acercan los plazos de solicitud de la universidad!

¡Muchas de las fechas límite de aplicación son en enero y febrero! Asegúrate de enviar tu solicitud a tiempo y pide a tus maestros y al consejero de la escuela que envíen sus cartas de recomendación y tu expediente académico antes de la fecha límite también. ¿Dónde encuentras las fechas límite? ¡En la sección de "Admisiones" del sitio web de cada universidad! ¿Dónde encuentras las solicitudes y los requisitos? ¡En la sección de "Admisiones" de la página web de cada universidad! ¡Utiliza las vacaciones para terminar cualquier solicitud de universidad que no hayas completado todavía!

¡Se acercan los plazos de la ayuda financiera!

Las fechas límite de la ayuda financiera son TAMBIÉN a menudo en enero y febrero. Visita la sección "Ayuda Financiera" de la página web de cada universidad para saber: qué solicitudes requieren (FAFSA y posiblemente el CSS/PROFILE) y para conocer sus fechas límite. Ayuda financiera de última hora, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Rigali para una cita virtual o llamar/textear al 413-561-2506!

Oportunidades de carreras interesantes

Aprendizaje en Trabajado de la Salud Comunitaria

¿Interesado en las carreras de la salud? ¿No estás seguro de la universidad? ¿No estás seguro por dónde empezar? Conviértete en un aprendiz de trabajador de la salud de la comunidad... ¡toma clases GRATUITAS y recibe un estipendio!

Sindicato de electricidad de Springfield- ¡Apúrate!

El sindicato local de electricidad está aceptando solicitudes para posibles aprendices. El primer paso es asistir a una sesión informativa. La información se incluye aquí.

¡Conéctate con Holyoke Community College!

Usa este enlace para inscribirte en una cita individual con Harold Santiago, consejero de admisiones del HCC. ¡Él puede ayudar con la solicitud, la ayuda financiera y más! Se habla inglés/español.

¡Éxitos del MCAC!

El 19 y 20 de noviembre, 15 universidades visitaron virtualmente a los estudiantes del cuarto año de la Escuela Superior de Holyoke. 36 estudiantes del cuarto año participaron en el evento y recibieron 28 aceptaciones de universidades y $285,000 en dinero para becas si deciden asistir a esas universidades.

¡Gracias por nuestras universidades asociadas, Gear Up, y especialmente a nuestros estudiantes de cuarto año que aparecieron para impresionar!

¿Necesitas ayuda con tus tareas o cosas de la universidad?

La consejera de Gear Up esta disponible para citas individuales para estudiantes para ayudar con tareas, estudios o cosas que tienen que ver con la planificacion para la universidad, carreras o ayuda financiera. Contacta a Mary Colon en: o 413-579-8351

December 3, 2020 / 3 de diciembre 2020

Financial Aid / Ayuda Financiera para la universidad

Seniors should be completing financial aid applications now! This includes the FAFSA (watch video below for instructions) and, for some students, the CSS/PROFILE (see link below for information). Information about an upcoming FAFSA night is below. Contact Ms. Rigali for any questions:

Estudiantes del grado 12 deberían estar llenando solicitudes para apoyo financiero para la universidad. Esto incluye la FAFSA (vea video abajo para instrucciones) y, para algunos, la CSS/PROFILE (vea el enlace abajo para información). Hay informacion abajo sobre una sesion informativa sobre la FAFSA. Contacte a Ms. Rigali con cualquier pregunta:

Starting your FAFSA
Como empezar y completar la FAFSA

Financial Aid Night / Noche de Ayuda Financiera

This virtual session will focus on: getting started with your financial aid applications, completing them correctly, sending them, and what happens after you apply for financial aid.

Esta sesión virtual se enfocará en cómo empezar a llenar las solicitudes de ayuda financiera, como completarlas correctamente, mandarlas, y qué pasa después de mandarlas.

November 19, 2020

Mass College Application Celebration Starts Today!

This week on November 19th and 20th, many seniors will be meeting with colleges to get feedback on their applications and possible acceptances to college. Seniors should make sure to log into their Zoom link at their scheduled time (see email for time and link). They should dress professionally, be in a distraction-free zone, and turn their video on (if this is not possible, they should make sure the admission rep knows why). Support your seniors by making sure they know when their appointments are and asking them how it went!

Need someone to review your college apps before sending?

Ms. Rigali is available to review college applications, college essays, and financial aid applications before you send them. Email her at or call/text her at 413-561-2506 to arrange this!

Get feedback on your College List!

Seniors can get feedback on their college list by submitting it through the School Counseling Google Classroom. If seniors have not yet joined the Google Classroom, they can do so here.
Schedule an appointment to get FAFSA help!

Schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you. Join the Zoom link at your scheduled time!

College Planning and Financial Aid Website

HHS maintains an up-to-date list of scholarships that is now available on our website. List is updated regularly!

What should seniors be doing now?

  • Decide what kind of education or job training they will pursue after high school. If they are leaning toward direct entry to work or job training, they should reach out the to work-based learning program:
  • If they will be applying to college; they should be working on applications now! Submit applications to 4 year colleges by deadlines. Aim to have all done before the holiday break in December!
  • Complete and send in financial aid applications!
  • If students are deciding to attend a community college (such as HCC or STCC) next year, they should start the process in the middle of the school year (January-February)
  • View detailed slides with steps, links and timelines in the School Counseling Google Classroom
Can you go to college?

An inspirational video from an HHS alum

---Rincón de la Consejería Universitaria---

Boletín Semanal de Consejería Universitaria de HHS

19 de noviembre 2020

¡La celebración de la solicitud de ingreso a la universidad de Massachusetts comienza hoy!

Esta semana, el 19 y 20 de noviembre, muchos estudiantes de último año se reunirán con las universidades para obtener información sobre sus solicitudes y posibles aceptaciones en la universidad. Los estudiantes de último año deben asegurarse de entrar en su enlace de Zoom a la hora prevista (ver el correo electrónico para la hora y el enlace). Deberán vestirse profesionalmente, estar en una zona libre de distracciones y encender su video (si esto no es posible, deberán asegurarse de que el representante de admisión sepa por qué). ¡Apoyen a sus estudiantes de último año asegurándose de que sepan cuándo son sus citas y preguntándoles cómo les fue!

¿Necesitas que alguien revise tus aplicaciones para la universidad antes de enviarlas?

La Sra. Rigali está disponible para revisar las solicitudes de la universidad, los ensayos de la universidad y las solicitudes de ayuda financiera antes de que las envíes. Envíele un correo electrónico a o llame o envíe un mensaje de texto al 413-561-2506 para coordinar esto.

¡Obtén información sobre tu lista de universidades!

Los estudiantes de último año pueden obtener comentarios sobre su lista de universidades enviándola a través del Salón de Clases de Google de la Consejería Escolar. Si los estudiantes de último año aún no se han unido a Google Classroom, pueden hacerlo aquí.
¡Haz una cita para obtener ayuda de FAFSA!

Programe una cita a la hora que le convenga. ¡Únase al enlace de Zoom a su hora programada!

Planificación y ayuda financiera para la universidad

El HHS mantiene una lista actualizada de becas que ahora está disponible en nuestro sitio web. ¡La lista se actualiza regularmente!

¿Qué deberían hacer los estudiantes de último año ahora?

  • Decidan qué tipo de educación o capacitación laboral seguirán después de la escuela superior. Si se inclinan por el ingreso directo al trabajo o a la capacitación laboral, deben alcanzar el programa de aprendizaje basado en el trabajo:

  • Si van a aplicar a la universidad, ¡deberían estar trabajando en las solicitudes ahora! Presentar las solicitudes a las universidades de 4 años en las fechas límite. ¡Tengan todo listo antes de las vacaciones de diciembre!

  • ¡Complete y envíe las solicitudes de ayuda financiera!

  • Si los estudiantes deciden asistir a un colegio comunitario (como HCC o STCC) el próximo año, deberían comenzar el proceso a mediados del año escolar (enero-febrero)

  • Ver diapositivas detalladas con pasos, enlaces y cronogramas en las clases de orientación escolar de Google Classroom

November 4, 2020

Anna Rigali, College & Career Counselor

Contact me for help with anything college! Contactame para ayuda para cualquier cosa que tenga que ver con la universidad--hablo espanol.


HHS and Gear Up will be celebrating the MA College Application Celebration on November 19th and 20th! Fifteen colleges will meet virtually with HHS seniors. In these individual sessions, colleges may offer on-the-spot acceptances and feedback on applications. Seniors who wish to participate should sign up here between November 2nd-6th. All students applying to one of the participating colleges are encouraged to participate. Contact Anna Rigali or Mary Colon for more information

FAFSA and Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Students who are applying to college should also be applying for financial aid. It is essential that students visit the financial aid webpage of each college they are applying to to find out which applications are required and also what the financial aid deadlines are for that college! Common forms are the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the CSS/PROFILE (provided by Collegeboard). Did you know that you can get help virtually or in-person in completing your financial aid applications? Email Anna Rigali (, Mary Colon ( or Lailah Shaikh ( to set up an appointment. The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority is an amazing place to get help understanding financial aid as well--they have many live and recorded webinars.
College Rep Virtual Visit Calendar

Students in grades 9-12 can sign-up to talk to college reps and learn more about college!

Seniors! Meet with your School Counselor!

School counselors are currently holding individual meetings with all seniors. If you have not yet scheduled your appointment, email your school counselor!

Kate Fenn:

Rena Holder:

Kim Izquierdo:

Mark Rodrigues:

Laura Vazquez:

Check out the HHS College Counseling website!

Events and resources to help families navigate the college process!

Rincón de la Consejería Universitaria

Boletín Semanal de Consejería Universitaria de HHS


¡HHS y Gear Up realizarán la Celebración de la Aplicación a la Universidad (MCAC) de MA el 19 y 20 de noviembre! Quince universidades se reunirán virtualmente con los estudiantes de último año del HHS. En estas sesiones individuales, las universidades pueden ofrecer aceptaciones en el lugar y comentarios sobre las solicitudes. Los estudiantes de último año que deseen participar deben inscribirse aquí entre el 2 y el 6 de noviembre. Se anima a todos los estudiantes que soliciten a una de las universidades presentes a que participen. Contacte con Anna Rigali o Mary Colón para más información

FAFSA y solicitudes de ayuda financiera

Los estudiantes que solicitan ingreso a la universidad también deben solicitar ayuda financiera. Es esencial que los estudiantes visiten la página web de ayuda financiera de cada universidad que estén solicitando para saber qué solicitudes se requieren y también ¡cuáles son las fechas límite de ayuda financiera para esa universidad! Los formularios más comunes son la FAFSA (Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes) y el CSS/PROFILE (proporcionado por Collegeboard). ¿Sabías que puedes obtener ayuda virtualmente o en persona para completar tus solicitudes de ayuda financiera? Envía un correo electrónico a Anna Rigali ( , Mary Colón ( o Lailah Shaikh ( para concertar una cita. La Autoridad de Financiación Educativa de Massachusetts es un lugar asombroso para obtener ayuda para entender la ayuda financiera también - tienen muchos seminarios web en vivo y grabados.

HHS Consejeria Universitaria

Contactenme para cualquier cosa que tenga que ver con la universidad
Calendario de visitas virtuales de las universidades

Estudiantes de cualquier grado pueden asistir para aprender mas sobre la universidad.

¡Seniors! ¡Reúnete con tu consejero escolar!

Los consejeros de la escuela están teniendo reuniones individuales con todos los estudiantes de último año. ¡Si aún no has programado tu cita, envía un correo electrónico a tu consejero escolar!

Kate Fenn:

Rena Holder:

Kim Izquierdo:

Mark Rodrigues:

Laura Vázquez:

Need help with college, career, future plans or financial aid?

We will be here to help after you graduate!!! Reach out to any of us for help with college apps, college enrollment, financial aid, job help, etc. We are committed to helping each and every one of you succeed!