Kinder Colt Express!

May 17, 2016

What are we learning in Kindergarten?

Language Arts

• Identify cause and effect

• Use illustrations to retell a story

• Make and confirm predictions in a story

• Stretch out sounds when writing

• Read, write and identify; I, can, we, me, the, look, like, a, see, go, to, is, play, my, and, are, for, you, do, said, with, was, he, she & has


• Measure using non-standard units

• Create and analyze graphs

• Identify coins and their value

• Write numbers 0-20

• Identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes

Science/Social Studies

• Differentiate between living and nonliving things

• Observe the life cycle of a plant

• Identify the parts of a plant

• Describe ways that we can help take care of our Earth

Upcoming Events!

May 19th: McCall's Parent Night at 6pm

May 20th: Field Day!! More details below!

May 25th: Challenge Island! More details below!

May 26th: McCall Spring Family Picnic at the McCall playground 6:30-8:30pm

May 27th: Parent/Teacher Conference Day (no school for students). You will receive more information from your child's teacher

May 30th: No School!

June 2nd: Kindergarten Performance at 1pm followed by class parties

June 3rd: Last day of school/early release at 12pm


February Citizens of the Month

Mrs. Trent: Liam Ramirez

Miss Berk: Darsh Patel

Ms. Paull: Jillian Verzosa

Mrs. Shammas: Makinley Anderson (not pictured)

March Citizens of the Month

Mrs. Trent: Liya Fassil

Miss Berk: Emma Mediana

Mrs. Colomina: Ruth Fassil

Ms. Paull: Kanoa Sawai

Mrs. Shammas: Payton Powell

April Citizens of the Month

Mrs. Trent: Noah Bartley

Miss Berk: Zainab Jaffery

Mrs. Colomina: Dely Torres

Ms. Paull: Aaram Arif

Mrs. Shammas: Hrishik Penmetsa

R-TIme Award Recipients for the 3rd 9 weeks!

Mrs. Trent: Noah Bartley

Miss Berk: Meerah Azhar

Mrs. Colomina: Ruth Fassil

Ms. Paull: Addison Pilcic

Mrs. Shammas: Amber Hampton

Kindergarten MVC (Most Valuable Colt) from Specials for the 3rd 9 weeks!

Art: Emma Mediana

PE/Fitness: Allison Truong

Music: Mekenzie Williams

Field Day!!

Field Day is coming up on Friday, May 20th. Kindergarten will be participating from

12-2pm. Please help your child be prepared to have the BEST time by following these tips below...

  • Apply sunscreen BEFORE coming to school. Your child's teacher can not do this for them.
  • Wear play clothes and play shoes
  • Bring a refillable water bottle
  • Feel free to wear a hat
  • Bring a towel AND dry clothes to change into after the activities are over (don't forget socks and underwear). There are many water related stations and your child will be getting wet.
  • Put your child's name on EVERYTHING!!

If you completed the paperwork and are volunteering, you will receive an email at the beginning of the week.

If you are just visiting, you must sign in at the front office and you may only take pictures of your child.

If you have any questions, please email Coach Walker at

Challenge Island!

On Wednesday, May 25th, we will be bringing a great program to the students called "Challenge Island." We are in need of some donations to make this program successful. Please see the links below. Thank you in advance!!

The Kindergarten Team