production project

Famous people holding the same position

  • Sophia Coppola- Sophia is known for her
hit series named Lost in translation. She won a Oscar

for best orginal screenplay.

  • Catherine Hardwicke- She is known for her
great ideas and ethic of creativity and drawing

in young teen audiences.

  • Katheryn Bigelow- She is the first women to receive
the best director Oscar award.


  • Oscars awards
  • Directors Guild of America awards
  • Tony awards
  • Outstanding directorial achievement awards

pictures of famous directors


schools Stanford university, Boston university,Rocky mountain,Sanford university,Full sail university

Prospective movie directors can find training through film and production programs, which are offered at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. Each degree program allows students to work on individual projects and introduces core movie director topics, such as screenwriting, directing, editing and cinematography.

  • Skills needed
  • Leadership
  • Someone who works well with others
  • Creativity
  • Gives good criticism
  • Perseverance

Responsibilities of a director

  • try to make the company a success,
using your skills, experience and judgment
  • follow the company’s rules
  • have great leadership
  • make decisions for the benefit of the company,
not yourself
  • tell other shareholders if you might personally
benefit from a transaction the company makes
  • keep company records
  • make sure the company’s accounts are a
‘true and fair view’ of the business’ finances
  • Tells everyone what to do
  • Being the face of any production
  • Promoting the production
  • Visualizes the script for the production

people directors in counter with

Directors work with

  • Assistant director
  • Casting director
These two primarly