Final Project

By Kyle Cunningham

Set Design

Set Design will go over how the set can display a scene, and how it will effect the audience. Many things you need to go over to display a scene such as the colour and props. It is important to get the colour right. For example of you wanted a mid-evil set you would want more darker colors to display that. Same goes for the props if we were trying to accomplish the mid-evil feeling you would want more blocky structures with a draw bridge.
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Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and principles of design is basic units of a painting, drawing, design or other visual pieces. Some of these techniques are

1. Color:

Providing a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual impacts of specific color combination.

2. Shape:

Two or more dimensional area that stands out from the space next to each other.

3. Space:

Area deep within the moment of designated design

4. Balance:

It is a state of equalized tension

5. Unity/Harmony:

To achieve visual unity

These are a few of them there are many more, but the goal is to attract the reader or audience by using these techniques to get the point of the picture. So it will draw people to a certain part of the picture.

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Light Design

A light designers job is to produce the right mood of the scene using light. Some point s of emphasis on this is to understand the color and the connection to the mood. When to emphasis the light in a scene. KNow when it is appropriate to use gobos and their textures. And the types of lights and how they work.
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Sound Design

Sound Design is used for sound effects to connect the audience with a sounds to get a better understanding of what is going on in the movie or the scene. Sound design also effects the mood of the movie because of music. It also involves the composition or manipulation of audio to create a desired effect or mood. So it is very important to get the sound effects and track music right or it could mess up the movie really bad.
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Makeup and Costumes

Costume and makeup is to help the audience connect to what the character is. For example when you see a cape and mask you connect that to a superhero, so it it very important to get them right. If not it can leave the audience very confused. Make Up can help with the visual affect of the charicter. It can make them look old, or fancy like, there are many possibilities but that is the main point of make up.
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