Social Media Addiction

By: Amanda Escandon

How does social media change society?

1. How does social media change society?

It changes society by lacking school work. I instantly when we get a notification from either twitter, Facebook , Instagram . We automatically go onto it taking time away from studying or doing homework. We back and forth checking out status. When you take a look around in class sometimes you see teens on their phones checking their status.

How can Social Media be important?

2. How can social media be important?

Social media is software that allows other kids come together. They use it to come together. Instead of texting they use the communication of Social media. Most kids ignore text messages and rather text on Instagram, twitter, or Facebook. Since we live in a social world. Social media lets kids/teen interact with each other. They get to meet new people that they’ve never met.

What are some ways Social Media can be good?

3. What are some ways it can be good?

It lets kids/teens interact with each other. In some businesses use social media. To connect with other workers and use it to help train them from learning the easiest things to the hardest things. Most grownups use the internet to look up job openings. Instead of going around looking at buildings or buying the news paper and looking it up there.

Why is Social Media bad sometimes?

4. Why is social media bad sometimes?

Everything that we look into a book we instantly close it and turn to internet. Instead of looking in a book because it takes to long or you just don’t want to, we turn to google or some other network that isn’t a book. Taking less knowledge away that we could of gained while looking in a book for the answer. Since most schools don’t allow you to use internet while in class. We have to look into a book.