Rogue Community College

Basic School Information:

  • Grants Pass/ Med ford, Oregon
  • Entrepreneurship 2 years
  • Full Tuition = 1095$. 299$ with scholarship.
  • Individual Courses are offered at 199$

Achieving post high school goals:

  • College Writing
  • Marketing/Business Essentials
  • Computer Apps/Advanced Computer Apps.
  • Econ.
  • My goals for the next few years of high school:
  • keep my GPA 2.5 to 3.0
  • Get more involved in my school work.
  • stay organized.

Location Information:

Fun things to do:

  • Family fun center
  • Caveman bowl
  • Grants pass Skate park
  • Lithia park


average high summer temperature is 90 degrees

the average winter weather is 42 degrees


  • Rouge River
  • hell gate
  • dutch house

how am i paying for college?

well i just so happen to have a trust fund.

Helpful activities for my career choice:

get a job at a small business.