How to become a football player

/ Wide receiver By Nick Baker


Last play of the game, it’s up to you and the quarterback to get the win. Hike! You run down the field trip up the defenders and reach for the ball. And catch it!!! Touchdown!! It feels great, that’s the best benefit of football, teammates and hard work.

Steps to become a NFL wide reciever

You should start at an early age because it’s good to get experience for more competitive leagues. Also high school is important because colleges could give you a scholarship to their college and then if you play hard NFL recruiters might pick you up for a draft to the NFL. Try to tell coaches that you specialize in wide receiver position. If you want to be a receiver.

Day to day life of a NFL player

The day to day life of any NFL player is not easy. You have to work out every day, eat healthy, maintain a healthy life. You might also need to talk on tv after a game. Every day is preparing for a game.

Professionals in the field

Top Three NFL Wide receivers: 1. Julio Jones 2. Antonio Brown 3. Odell Beckham JR

These are some of the top receivers in the NFL. These are the best pro’s in the field of wide receivers. These guys didn’t get there by accident, they worked really hard. If you want to get here, work your best!!!

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As you can see being a football player is not easy, if you don’t like challenges this isn’t the sport for you. It takes a lot of hard work and good spirit. It’s not just winning, it’s being a part of a team!
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