West Hills STEM Academy

We are thankful for....

Miss Fran

I am thankful for my family and technology because we can stay connected using our computers, phones or tablets.

Ms. Rohr

I am thankful for my son and that he was able to make it home before the order to stay home. He helps me do things around our property and he has the best sense of humor which helps during all of this.

Ms. Fletcher

I am thankful for all of the students at West Hills! They all never fail to put a smile on my face and encourage me to be the best version of myself everyday!

Mrs. B

I am thankful for my West Hills family, They have all done something to be a shoulder to lean during these difficult times

Mrs. Sharlow

I am thankful for zoom because it allowed me to see and talk to all of my students in my class. The joy everyone had when they saw their peers was amazing! ❤

Ms. Markham

I am thankful for my wonderful coworkers, students, and their families. We are all pulling together to support each other during this uncertain time. I am so fortunate to have all of them in my life.

Mrs. Thatcher

I am thankful for the sunny days we've had.

The sunshine and warmerish weather have allowed me to get outside with my family. It also provides me the opportunity to run and stay mentally and physically healthy.

Mrs. Smith

I am thankful for my kind and thoughtful students! This whole week, my 5th graders have been posting in our Google Classroom checking on each other and spreading kind words. I am so proud of how positive they are in this crazy time. I am so lucky to have such amazing 5th graders!

Miss Straume

I am thankful for my students! They are absolute rockstars and I am so proud of them for continuing with their work in the midst of the crazy. Love you guys! Keep it up!

Mrs. Nelson

I am thankful for the lunch ladies and bus drivers because they continue to serve children of all ages while schools are closed.

Dr. Briones

I am thankful for my son and family pets. My son has been helping me in the yard this week. My dog and I take relaxing walks together.

Mrs. Codorniz

I am thankful for my son and daughter because they make me laugh and teach me how to be the best person I can be.

Ms. Chapman

I am thankful for my students and parents because to the world I may just be a teacher, but my students make me feel like a hero! Seeing and hearing my students and their families these past couple of days has brought tears of happiness to my eyes and swelled my heart with pride and joy. I miss you guys!

Ms. Magiera

I am thankful for my three girls! They help me laugh and smile everyday. They teach me patience and understanding.

Mr. Smith

I am thankful for my friends and family. They have helped bring light to this situation.

Mrs. Neel

I am thankful for the people I work with every day.They help me learn, make me laugh, and celebrate success.

Mrs. Beeman

I am thankful for Tiger Class! Room 12 Kindergarten at WHSTEM and their families!

Their perseverance to learn in a new way!

Mr. Murphy

I am thankful for our community. We are showing we care for each other, support each other, and a working to help each other stay health and continue to grow.

Ms. Lippy

I am thankful for my home.

Mrs. McNeil

I am thankful for Mrs. Jewett and Mr. Murphy for always proofing my work, and brainstorming wonderful new exciting things we are working on for our students and families on an early Saturday morning.

I am thankful for Mrs. Heaman for making sure I am still working out and keeping me accountable of doing my daily yoga practice.

I am thankful for Dr. Myers for creating wonderful leveled lessons and activities for her title/lap/and SPED kids and communicating with their teachers and families. Great teamwork Dr. Myers!

I am thankful for Mrs. Beeman for being a wonderful socially distancing walking partner to get fresh air and be a little active.

I am thankful for Mrs. Rohr for providing humor, encouragement, and accountability when we have so much uncertainty right now.

Mrs. Jewett

I am so grateful and thankful for the wonderful students I am so lucky to teach <3 I am thankful for them because they are so kind to everyone, especially their team mates and classmates!! Their kindness helps encourage the whole class to try and succeed!

Mrs. Roque

I am thankful for my husband and dog.

Ms. Dains

I am thankful for my family and my school family. I am thankful for all the food we hand out every day to our West Hills families.

I am thankful for my own family because they allow me to live with them. I have four grandkids that make me happy because they are doing all their school school and staying in the house even though they are getting bored. My WH family check in with me and ask how I am doing. Some of them come to school to hand out lunches to our neighborhood families.

Mrs. Tubberville

I am thankful for technology. Technology lets me connect with my friends and family that I can't be with in person.

Dr. Myers

I am thankful for West Hills! We are such a great team. Even when we are met with a challenge, I am always impressed on how well everyone adapts.

Mrs. Looker

I am thankful for the sunshine and being able to be outside in my yard while at home.

Mrs. Batschi

I am thankful for my pets because they keep me company while I'm working from home

Ms. Craig

I am thankful for my students...doing such a great job on iready!! Students WANT to learn!

Mr. Nelson

I am thankful for my dog Cora. Cora reminds me how important it is to get outside and go for walks, that sometimes making lots of noise can be fun, and also the importance of getting enough sleep!

Mrs. Wimberly

I am thankful for the Teacher's in Room 14/15. You are all so supportive every day. No matter what has come our way (even before this most recent shift) you have been there to help.

Mrs. Botti

I am thankful for my students joining me for a read aloud online. Also for showing up with a smile each morning

Mrs. Sandell

I am thankful for my West Hills family. We stick together and help each other, no matter what.

Mrs. Meller

I am thankful for my Family, my pets and my time at West Hills with the funny and talented students there! I have learned so much... from my relationships and they always surprise me with how kind they are (when it really counts) !

Mrs. LaLanne

I am thankful for my family.

Mrs. Heaman

I am thankful for the West Hills STEM students, staff and community! It is in times like these that we truly come together and wrap each other with kindness and compassion.