Maadaadizi Program Weekly Update

Week of June 3, 2016

Last Newsletter for the School Year!

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Congratulations Graduates!

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How to Use the Summer to Get College Ready


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Summer Nudging is a program designed to help college-bound students successfully enter into college the fall through weekly text message and email reminders, or "nudges." This is to help prevent Summer Melt, which is described by the statistic that "1 in 5 college bound students fail to matriculate in the fall."

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education sends out approximately 15 text message or email reminders about important college tasks, such as the FAFSA, class registration, orientation, etc. All texts and emails are individualized, and the students can respond. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate. They also provide a phone number where students can call to receive peer mentor support.

Any student who has been accepted into at least one postsecondary institution can participate. Parents and guardians can sign up as well. They will begin texting in June 2016!

To sign up, click here.


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Get prepared for a whirlwind in the fall! As a senior you will be dealing with a flurry of information and deadlines right away in September and October. Here are a few items to think about over the summer:

  1. Senior pictures-Indian Education hires a professional photographer to take portraits of our seniors for free. More information will be available in the fall and sent to you through your school email. Students receive a free photo session and a free photo. Families may order additional photos if interested. Otherwise, students can hire their own photographer and pay the fee. Many high schools will take a school photo of every senior as well.
  2. ACT test dates-Many seniors desire to take the ACT two or three times before applying to college. The June 2016 test date deadline has passed, but students can still sign up for the September 2016 or October 2016 test dates. Students must go online and register themselves for the test prior to the deadline. If you are in need of a fee waiver for the test, please contact your high school counselor before the end of the school year for the September test of right away in the fall for the October 2016 test date.
  3. College applications-Kerrie will be helping seniors to apply for college during the fall; however, students should have a few colleges in mind. Use Naviance for researching colleges or other websites that are helpful. Students not interested in college after high school will be working on resumes, job applications, cover letters, and more to prepare for work after high school.
  4. Scholarships-Use your summer to research scholarship options and begin applying for the opportunities. Check out this information for a wealth of American Indian scholarship opportunities: click here.
  5. Financial Aid- this is an application process where students notify the Department of Education to ask for financial support to pay for college. The application process will open up for seniors earlier next year - October 1. To prepare for this process, use this worksheet to review the documents that will be needed (an updated worksheet will be available in the fall). Kerrie will assist students and families with filling out the FAFSA; however, students/families will need to complete the online forms.

You can use your summer to get prepared for the fall!!


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Use your summer to brush up on your English, math, science, and writing skills! These skills are needed for upcoming college admission tests!

In October you will have the option to take the PSAT (The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The test will help you to prepare for upcoming SAT and/or ACT tests, and it is a qualifying test for national scholarships.

SPPS Juniors take the ACT in April at their high school. Many four year colleges use this test for college admissions consideration, and many two year colleges use the test for course placement.

Your Naviance account has a feature called "Test Prep" that will assist you to study for the ACT at your own pace. Simply log into your Naviance account and look on the left side of the homepage. Find "Test Prep" and click. The program will provide you short tests and then design a study program based on your needs. You can also use the St. Paul Public Library's test prep for PSAT, SAT, or ACT tests by clicking here.

Use the programs a few times a week to practice your skills and learn new ones!


Well, you got through your first year of high school. Congratulations:)

To get ready for college over the summer consider the following:

  1. Attend summer school if you failed any required courses during the school year. See your high school counselor before June 10 for more information.
  2. Read, read, read! Reading makes you think, reduces stress, improves your writing, increases your focus, improves your creativity, and more. Try to read two or three books a month over the summer. For some suggestions, look here. The St. Paul Public Library is a great place to borrow books for free. They even have a great summer reading program with prizes for teens. To get a card, click here. If you owe a fine, the library will allow you to "read down" which means that for every 15 minutes you read at the library, they will deduct a $1 off of your fine.
  3. Try something new. Everyday there is a new activity waiting for you. St. Paul Parks and Recreation hosts daily activities like Como Zoo, festivals, fitness, movies, music, races and volunteering. The Star Tribune publishes a Summer Camp Guide to increase student activities over the summer. Minnesota Volunteer Match promotes volunteer activities for teens.
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Contact Kerrie

Kerrie will be available until June 15th. She will return to work on August 22.