Week 2

Modeling Transparency

Modeling Transparency

Hi small group hosts!

I hope your groups are getting off to a great start! The topic I wanted to highlight this week (in the video above) is the importance of modeling transparency as a small group host. Our group members will only share as deeply as we, the hosts, are willing to go, so we need to remember that and model transparency.

If you missed last week's email, you can read it here. It has links to all the resources and training you'll need to host your group.

Many people I know have been dealing with spiritual warfare lately (attacks of the enemy to our health, finances, relationships, jobs, etc.). If this is you and you want to become better equipped to deal with these attacks of the enemy, register now for our upcoming training breakfast on Sat, Feb 18, 8:30am-12pm. The topic will be: Spiritual Warfare: Overcoming the Attacks of the Enemy. Here is who will be speaking:

1. Mark Cosby, our new Welcome Ministry Pastor

2. Jeremy Buske, pastoral intern

3. Tim Rupp, pastoral intern

4. Me

Breakfast and childcare are free of charge if you register by the deadline date. Click here to register.

Have a great week!


Roger Sodsod

Executive Pastor of Adult Ministries

Vineyard Church - KC North