Edgerton Weekly #31

April 29, 2016

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Equity In All We Do-Culturally Responsive and Competent Teaching

Just a reminder that all licensed staff should be attending the CRCT training at EDG on Monday, May 2. You can attend the 8:15-11:15 session or the 12:15-3:15 session.


Sarah recently shared a great Math resource: Youcubed at Stanford University. Professor Jo Boaler lists nine findings that "...have very strong implications for mathematics classrooms.

If acted upon they could unleash the potential of millions more students." To read more you can visit the website at https://www.youcubed.org/think-it-up/. There's also great resources for parents. Here's one example that can be printed and shared with parents; 6 Ways to Support Your Child's Mathematical Development.

Remote Evacuation Procedures

Did you know Edgerton has a School Safety Team? We do! The team consists of Val, Mark, Carrie, Sara, PK and myself. The team meets on a regular basis to talk about safety at Edgerton. Recently we met and discussed remote evacuation procedures. A remote evacuation is what would take place if we ever needed to leave the school. We wanted to share a reminder of the procedures to help us be prepared if the situation would ever arrise. The procedures are in your safety waterfall and I also summarized them for you below:

  1. Close and lock your classroom door, the same way we do for Fire Drills. Before you leave your classroom grab your clipboard or safety folder (the same one your bring out for fire drills) that has your class roster in it.
  2. Exit the building the same way you do for fire drills and head towards your remote evacuation sites. K-2 students go to Good Samaritan and 3-6 students go to St. Jerome. Staff in the east wing and media center should go to Good Samaritan. Staff housed in the west wing should go to St. Jerome. Staff in charge at each site: K-2 Sara and 3-6- Carrie. Mimi would serve as a back up.
  3. Take the safest possible route. Staff/students going to Good Samaritan should cross Roselawn. Staff/students going to St. Jeromes should walk across the field, head south on Desoto Street to Roselawn and then go west to St. Jerome.
  4. Once you are offsite take attendance and report any missing students to the staff in charge.
  5. Wait with your class until there are further instructions.

Main Office Secretary Interview Process

We have started developing the interview process for hiring a main office secretary. I know we are all sad to see Val go. Finding the best possible person to step into the role is one way we can honor her and the work she has done here at Edgerton.

We are setting up a diverse interview team, starting with some members of our Site Improvement Team. The team will also include a district representative and an Edgerton parent. If you have any recommendations for an Edgerton parent or are interested in being on the interview team please let me know as soon as possible. Below is the timeline we'll be using.

  • May 3- Posting closes. Review applicants and select a pool of candidates.
  • May 5-Meet with the Interview Team to select final candidates to interview and to select interview questions.
  • May 12-1st Round Interviews
  • May 16-2nd Round Interviews (if needed)

2016-2017 Spaces

We have some changes regarding spaces for the 2016-2017 school year.

  1. Liz Connor will be moving back to band/orchestra room.
  2. Barb moving to Sara's office.
  3. Sara moving to Mimi's office.
  4. Mimi and our Behavioral Specialist will be moving to 166 which will be renamed, The Compass Room. It's a place where students can go to find their direction. It will be both a calming and a sensory space and we are excited about the positive effect it could have on students. The space will be available for general ed and special ed students, though there may be times during the day that it is not available. We'll communicate more when we know more.

Just a heads up!

  • Thank you to Wellness! They will be paying for the EDG water cooler next year. Thank you!
  • Our new American Indian Cultural Liaison, Allison Waukau, will be here on Monday, May 9 at 3:00 to connect with our American Indian students. Letters were sent home with the students earlier this week. These students should be sent down to the cafeteria at 3:00. I have emailed the teachers of our American Indian students as a reminder.
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