¿Por qué ser bilingüe?

Why be bilingual?

Foreign Language

Students often wonder why they are required, by law, to take at least two years of a foreign language, in order to graduate from high school. The answer is simple. Knowing another language, other than your mother tongue, allows you to become a bilingual person. What is "bilingual" you ask? A bilingual is somebody who can speak and be fluent in two different languages. By becoming a bilingual, you open up the many doors of opportunity because your value increases!! Being bilingual is considered a major asset to the workplace because you can do the "thinking" of two people at once! Learning new languages allows you to become connected to those outside your norm. If you make it your hobby, you could eventually even master more than just those two languages and connect to the rest of the world!

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Inform yourself!

Click on the following link to read and learn more about Bilingualism in America's near future!!


Another useful link for learning more about bilingualism:


Watch the video and determine for yourself if being bilingual could benefit you!

Victoria Soto

I am a Spanish 1 teacher at Pampa Junior High School. My goal is to inspire my students to WANT to be bilingual so that they can one day travel the world and show it what they have to offer!!