MIS Monday Message

June 1 - 5

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We Made it!

It's the last week of school, and we made it! We still have some fun things going on this week and will be busy getting ready to be out for the summer. I am making a few room changes, so there will be some moving going on this week. Here are the changes taking place:

  • Art - moving to Math Resource Room/After School office
  • Music - moving to EAST
  • EAST - moving to Computer Lab
  • Keyboarding - moving into OT/PT room
  • Math Resource Room - moving into Science Lab

I haven't finalized all the plans yet, but wanted you to know the major changes taking place. If you're moving anything this week - remember to be safe! We don't want any injuries!

I will be holding the End-of-Year TESS meetings with those I haven't met with yet. I will schedule them online and send someone to cover your room at the scheduled time. These are only for those on the PGP tracks that I haven't met with yet.

For those of you with school-aged children, please make sure that they are in their own school each day. If you want to bring them with you on the last day of school, that will be fine. However, on the other days, we want to keep our routine as normal as possible and focus on our students.

I will continue the Monday Message throughout the summer to give us a chance to stay connected and also share PD resources. This is how I will let you know when they are finished waxing floors, when it's okay to work in rooms, when Blake and I will be gone, etc. Be sure to check your email weekly to stay connected!

Have a great week!

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Look What Just Arrived!

A box full of copies of the book Mindset just arrived today! I would like for all certified staff members to stop by my office this week and grab your copy. We will be using this book as a basis for creating our vision and mission, and it will be important for us to all be on the same page. The basic reading schedule is to read a chapter a week, and I will post reflective questions for each chapter in Google Classroom each week. However, feel free to read at your own pace, as long as you have it finished by August 10th!

Happy Reading!


Monday, 6/1

  • Field Day
  • Spelling Bee

Tuesday, 6/2

  • SAR Reward (8:30 - 10:00 am at MMS) * Start walking over at 8:15. Students who did not earn go to cafeteria. (send list to Ms. Workman of names)
  • Popsicles for SAR reward will be given to students during recess.

Wednesday, 6/3

  • 2015-2016 Leadership Team Meeting, 8 - 10 in EAST
  • Third Grade Picnic, City Park

Thursday, 6/4

  • Fourth Grade Picnic, City Park

Friday, 6/5

  • Early Dismissal, 1:30

Tech Task of the Week

Your Tech Task of the week is to finish the End-of-Year checklist and submit all the information required electronically. Be sure to print one hard copy and have items initialed by the appropriate person as you complete them.
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