Ingrid Law (400pgs)


Ledge Kale has a savvy which is running or speed. Ledge went to his cousin's wedding after his parents decided it was safe to go. There he meets a girl named Sarah Jane. After the wedding, Ledge's parents drop him and his little sister, Fedora off to his uncle's ranch. Ledge finds out that Sarah Jane and her father live there. Together they have lots of adventures and sometimes they got in trouble. Ledge then realizes that she also has a savvy, which is when she writes and people read it, they believe it, but she doesn't know it. Later he also realizes that Sarah Jane's father is going to wreck his uncle's ranch. By working together they paid off the debt and had an enjoyable life.


Ledge is trying to stop Sarah Jane's father from taking over his uncle's ranch. Fortunately, they paid off the debt and were able to keep the ranch.

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A great book to read when you have spare time

Personal connection to the book

This book connects to my life because I have a hobby just like him except it is playing soccer. Also I have met people when I go to my uncle's house. I have also went to wedding were I see annoying boys. I have also have had adventures and I also got myself in trouble. Ledge and I have a lot in common together.