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4/12/21 29th edition

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April 16th-E-sports competition with Concordia University

April 16th-Virtual singing project is due

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You are invited


You are Cordially Invited to Attend

Harmony Public Schools - Pflugerville

2021-22 Campus continuous improvement plan meeting

Tuesday, April 15, 2021

at 5:30pm

via Zoom

Contact: kristin.johnson@harmonytx.org for a link to the meeting

Goal/Purpose: Develop 2021-2022 CIP and Review 2020-2021 CIP


  1. Review of Data

  2. Review Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

  3. Areas for Improvement and Summary of Priority of Needs

  4. Revise and Develop Goals, Objectives and Strategies for the new CIP

  5. Review previous year’s CIP

  6. Comments, Q&A

Attention current 6th and 7th grade students

Harmony Public Schools is in the process of creating a Harmony Intramural Esports League for students grades 4-8. This league is meant as an introduction to competitive esports for our younger students, or students who are new to online competitive gaming. Please fill out this survey if your student is interested in participating.

Please go to this link to let us know if you are interested.


Virtual Singing Project

We would love for you to join Harmony's across Texas in this great opportunity. Please see the flier below to enter your project.

Submit your application here


How to create and unlisted YouTube link


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Our E-Sports is #1 in the nation!!!

I am so excited to announce that the HSA-PF E-Sports team is currently 1st in nationwide in the HSEL Spring Major 2021 Tournament!!!

The HSA-Pf Varsity Rocket League team is currently 1st in the nation in the HSEL Spring Major 2021 Tournament and will be featured on the Generation Esports Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/generationesports) every Wednesday at 6:00pm. Please tune in and see the HSA-Pf Varsity Rocket League eTigers in action!!!

HSA-Pf and Concordia University are partnering up for a Twitch livestream event on Friday, 4/16 at 6:00pm. Please join us to learn about esports, get information about our program, and enjoy a few Rocket League matches between the HSA-Pf Varsity Rocket League team and the Concordia University Varsity Rocket League team!!! Watch the event live on the Concordia University Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ctxesports

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University of Texas Health Science Summer Camp

This will be a virtual summer camp for middle/ high school. This camp is geared for students who are interested in the Health Sciences. Please see the link below for more information and to register.


2020-2021 Photobook

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Meal Distribution

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Some resources for our families

Austin Disaster Relief Network- adrn.org

Austin Mutual Aide- on Facebook

Both of these groups offer a network of resources (food,water,shelter, financial aid) and Ms. Beardslee just sent me this information. Thanks Coach!

Austin Child Guidance- austinchildguidance.org

Offers video conferences offering various parent/student resources.

Couselor's Corner for 8th-12th grade students

Please take some time to look at this month's information. We have a lot of activities and information inside.


Internet safety

Please help us out by making sure to monitor your students internet usage. We have had a few cases where students are using an apps like discord (http://discord.com/) to connect with students and others outside of Harmony. We strive to ensure the safety of our students. Please make sure that when using the school computers and emails, they are not reaching out to people outside of Harmony or using it inappropriately. Thank you so much for your help with this.

CDC updated sites

A note from the nurse

Dear Harmony Parents

Reminder, If ANYONE in your family/household is waiting for COVID19 Test result has been in close contact with someone that tested positive has tested positive for Covid19, or Has COVID 19 symptoms, please inform our Harmony Science Academy-Pflugerville campus and health aide. Keep Students at home until cleared by a physician or have a negative result.

We are taking great measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone, please let us work together because failing to do this will result in potential exposure to students and staff and school closure.


The virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to others by infected persons who have few or no symptoms. Because of the hidden nature of this threat and in accordance with the local government orders and guidance, it is the policy of Harmony Public Schools to require the following:

1. FACEMASK- All persons, including employees, students, visitors, and contractors who enter the campus must wear a facemask over their nose and mouth.

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING- Individuals should maintain six feet of social distancing whenever possible and shall follow the TEA guidelines

3. HANDWASHING and HYGIENE-Everyone are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible.

4. CLEANING PROTOCOLS- HPS will implement cleaning protocols in accordance with the guidance from the CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, including regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces and discouraging sharing items


5. COVID-19 POSITIVE INDIVIDUAL- Employees, students, visitors who have received positive COVID-19 test results after being on a Harmony campus must provide notification of the test results to that office within 24hrs.

6. SYMPTOMATIC INDIVIDUALS- Employees, student visitors experiencing symptoms as identified by the CDC SHOULD NOT ENTER ANY HARMONY CAMPUS premises or facility.

7. CONFIRMED EXPOSURES- HPS will report all positive communicable illness cases, including COVID-19 to the Department of State Health Services and notify employees, student visitors of possible exposure. To every extent possible, the information will be de-identified.