Debbie's Team Work Records 2019-20

Everything you need to know about work records!

Compliance Due Dates: 2019-20


HST Upload Schedule


A work sample that reflects student progress is required for EVERY learning period. You will only label and upload a work record for each student 4 times throughout the year.

Learning Period 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: You are required to collect the work sample even if we are not uploading. Collect work samples for these LPs and file them away in your own records

Learning Period 1, 3, 5, 6: Create a work sample and upload it into Pathways

All work samples must be archived in the following Learning Periods:

Semester 1: LP1 & LP3

Semester 2: LP5 & LP6

What is a work record?

A work record consists of a work sample that is correctly labeled by the parent and the HST. The work record will be saved as a PDF document and uploaded into Pathways

All TK-8th grade students are required to submit ONE work sample per learning period. Please encourage them to rotate the subjects so we have a variety.

All high school students are required to submit ONE work sample per course they are enrolled in. Each sample needs to be correctly labeled to be a compliant work record

- Sample includes student’s first and last name. If the student is unable to write all of it, please ask them to attempt it and then the parent/learning coach can write it clearly. If the student's name is added to the sample through a curriculum program, it does not need to be hand written also

- Sample is dated within the date range of the upload period

- Sample has a grade given by the learning coach, parent, HQT, or computerized curriculum program. This can be done as a smiley face, fraction, percentage, letter grade, eelow expectation, meets expectation, exceeds expectations etc... The teacher will add an appropriate teacher grade that reflects the work completed.

- Label each sample with a grid that includes the 6 pieces of required information (below)

-Work record needs to be an example of the student's BEST work. Make sure they do not pick an assignment that they skipped questions on or started in the middle.

-If a student is submitting written or typed answers to questions from a book, the questions must be included.

Big picture

Next Steps to a Perfect Work Record

1. Go to YOUR Google Drive folder and find the Work Records folder. Each of you have a work record cover sheet that will be used by a peer when they are reviewing your work samples. Please fill in the student information before your peer review

2. Upload your work samples into the folder

3. Notify your peer when your work samples are ready for review

4. Your peer will review each work sample and make any notes and needed corrections on the cover sheet for you to reference

5. Make all needed corrections

6. Email me that your work samples are ready for final review

7. Once you receive the green light, you will upload the work samples into Pathways

Peer Review List

It is so important to create compliant work records before they are uploaded into Pathways. Please take time to carefully peer review your partner's work records and please take time to make the corrections that your peer has suggested on your cover sheet before you send them to your RC for final review.

Please find your name and your peer below. Your peer will have access to your work records folder. Please connect with your peer when your WR are ready to review.

Anna - Noreen

Hilary - Lourdes

Cara - Leslie

Allison - Jackie

Kathy - Andrea

Sarah - Debbie

Naming Convention for Work Record

When saving your work record as a PDF, please carefully name the document following the sample below.

Student Last Name_Student First Initial_WSLP#_Review Date



Students must write their name unless it is a typed sample and the name can be typed?

Yes. The student’s information need to follow the same format as the work sample.

If student can’t write their name they have to at least try and parent can write it?

Yes as long as the information is coming from the family.

Date is needed within range?


Do weekends and holiday dates work as well or does it have to be a school date?

Yes, weekends and holiday dates work as long as they fall within the LP date range.

Grade is needed? Is there any grade level requirements regarding the grade given?

Family is not required to grade the work sample. Any grade from the HSTs is acceptable.

Subject is needed? If the parent needs to have the subject does it have to match the MA as well?

The subject is required in the six square. The parent is not required to add the subject.

If teachers have started with Student_S_WRLP1_09.19 instead of the suggested naming convention in the handbook Student_S_WSLP1_09.19 would you like for them to change it now or moving forward?

There is no need to have teachers rename the work samples. Just moving forward they should use the suggested naming convention to be consistent.

This also helps their RCs when it comes time to review the samples.

Directions from the Handbook

This link will take you to the handbook page that will give you all the details you need to create and upload work samples. :)