Chris Van Allsburg


Chris van allsburg is a very successful artist he was born in Grand Rapids Michigan USA on June 18,1949.He grew up in an old dairy farmhouse.As a teenager he did not take art classes in high school but he was interested in sciences and math.He loved art but there was a lot of peer pressure for boys to play sports at the time.When it was time for collage interviews,Chris van allsburg mentioned that he was interested in art as a way of making himself sound well rounded..The interviewer began to tell him about the great art classes that they offered at at the university of Michigan. Chris.Chris van allsburg turned on his charm and managed to secure a spot for himself despite the fact that he had no art credits.He majored in sculpture at the university of Michigan.Chris van allsburg graduated with honors and got into the Rhode Island School of Design where he earned his masters of fine arts degree.He continued to make drawings for fun he didn't thin they were very good but his wife convinced him to send the drawings to a publishers,and when he did the publishers where so amazed that they encouraged him to write stories to go with his pictures.After a while his first book got published called "The Garden Of Abdul Gasazi" which was published in 1979.He was awarded the coveted caldecott honor medal for this book the following year which helped him make a stunning debut into the world of children's literature.Chris van allburg is very inspirational to me because even though he had no interest in arts he believed that he can achieve anything and then he tried and then he succeeded,the method is that if you believe in your self you can achieve anything