Washington Update-Happy March!

Washington Elementary School-Home of the Golden Eagles

Neon Bowling in PE!

Students in Ms. Hlubek's PE classes were treated to some fun when they bowled in the gym. However, this wasn't just your typical bowling.....it was NEON bowling! While a light show lit the gym up and fun music played, students slung the ball down the lane and had a great time!

Forward Exam - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade

Students in 3rd-5th grade will be taking the Forward Exam during the month of April. Families have been sent a paper copy regarding the Forward Exam and the grade level schedule. Please see the attachment below for that correspondence. Thanks!
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4K and New to WUSD K Student Registration

4K and New to WUSD Kindergarten students were registered for the 2021-22 school year on Wednesday, March 3 at Whitewater High School. Upon arrival, our newest students (or their parents/guardians) received a WUSD goodie bag complete with their very own book. Thank you to Whitewater LEADS for the opportunity to put a book in every bag. We look forward to these students joining our schools this fall!

Super Readers in Mrs. Laue's and Mrs. Kuhlow's Kindergarten Classrooms!

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Laue's and Mrs. Kuhlow's classrooms have been practicing "pointer power". Pointer Power is one of the many different "powers" K students have when learning how to read.

This picture shows book 2 from LC Reading Units of Study. Other powers to come in Kindergarten are "picture power", "sight word power", and "word pattern power". Kindergartners are excited to become "super readers"

The students have to look out for "The Distractor". He wants to distract them and stop Kindergartners from reading. His efforts will be in vain!

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New Drop-off Time in the AM

To try and alleviate some of our busy morning traffic, we have worked in conjunction with the Whitewater Police Department to set a new drop-off time of 7:40 AM for those interested in dropping students off a little earlier. Some items to note....

  • Do not drop-off students prior to 7:40
  • Students will not enter the building until 7:50. They should 'find a dot' to help with social distancing and will be allowed inside beginning at 7:50. Students will be expected to stay on their dot while waiting.
  • In the event of inclement weather, you may want to have students stay in the vehicle until 7:50 as they will not enter before.
  • When you do drop-off, do not stay parked along Fonda, rather exit the area allowing others to drop-off as well.
  • Do not drop-off students in the middle of Fonda St. Vehicles should pull alongside the curb before dropping off.
  • Please know, supervision of students does not begin outside until 7:50. There will be adults outside earlier during the first week of implementation informing students where they should wait and assisting with traffic flow.
  • This will begin on Monday, March 29
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Music March Madness!!!

March Music Madness

During a typical school year, Washington celebrates March and Music in our Schools month with a huge spring performance put on by our 4th and 5th graders- everything from barnyard dances to pirates! This year, Washington was unable to put on any performances but that didn't stop us from connecting to music in a different way. Staff members submitted their favorite song to compete in a March Music Madness bracket. Every day, students in music class vote on their favorite songs, build graphs to analyze trends, compare different genres of music and predict which songs will continue on. Even the staff gets in on the voting. On Friday before spring break, the entire school will listen to the final four and then a champion will be crowned! This has been a very unique way for our students at Washington to celebrate Music in Our Schools month while experiencing music in a fun, COVID-friendly way.

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Happy Spring Break!

We want to wish everyone a very happy spring break!! School will not be in session from March 22-26. We will be back in class on Monday, March 29
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Upcoming Dates

March 22-26 - Spring Break

Friday, April 2 - No School