By Gwendolyn Eilender

Sequence on The life cycle of turtles

First, turtles begin in an egg. After 45 to 70 days, the egg hatches, and a hatchling's, or newly hatched baby, breaks out. After that, the hatchling crawls to the water or the sea. In several months of growing it becomes a juvenile. When turtles are adults, a male sea turtle and a female sea turtle mate, or join together to make babies. Just the female swims back to the beach were she hatched. After that she digs an egg chamber on the beach and lays eggs in the chamber. when the mom laid her eggs and put them in the chamber the sand underneath the eggs keeps them warm. Each egg contains an embryo and a yolk sac. The embryo is the growing baby and the yolk sac is the embryos food and the embryo is the baby sea turtle. The baby turtle uses its egg tooth found on its beak is to break out of the shell. It then pushes its way out of the egg and moves its flippers quickly to dig itself out of the egg chamber. Then the life cycle continues again and again.


Turtles swallow their food whole because they have no teeth. However they have sharp ridges along a strong jaw that tears the food apart.

Turtles are reptiles because they are cold blooded. Turtles breath air with lungs. Turtles also must come up for air to breath. Some turtles live on land but only sea turtles live in water. Turtles have back bones and scales.

Turtles have two pairs of flippers that help them swim quickly through the water. Turtles streamling or smoothly shaped, bodies that makes them soar through the water.

AMAZING FOOTAGE of Baby Turtle Hatch, Run Towards Ocean

Compare and Contrast

Everyone knows that sea turtles and box turtles are both part of the Animailia kingdom because they are both animals. As you know sea turtles are bigger than box turtles. Then why can't sea turtles go in their shell completely? Because, they are made of bone and box turtles can because they are made of cartilage so, that means that they are more flexible than sea turtles. Sea turtles live in the ocean but are born on land, box turtles are born on land but also live on land.

Problem and Solution

People all over the world are saving sea turtles. They give hurt or in danger sea turtles a place to live. When the mom sea turtle is laying her eggs and she is in danger they give her a place to lay her eggs somewhere safe and protected. Without being harmed. And once the babies get older they release it safely into the wild.

Cause and Effect

Female sea turtles lay eggs to every 2 to 3 years. Females don´t start making babies until 25 year old. But, even though she lays clutches of eggs in a season. Very little of the eggs end up as adults that will make babies When there is not enough sea turtles hatch the population goes down by a lot.