The Jewish People The Holocaust

Min Ji Kim Academic 2

Why did Adolf Hitler hate Jews? He ordered the Nazis to take the Jews in the concentration camps and walk them into gas chambers to kill them. If non-Jewish people tried to help the Jews they would also be killed. When Jews arrived to concentration camps most Jews were sent to gas chambers immediately. Some Jews stayed alive. Overall the Jewish people were brutally mistreated.

Adolf Hitler made the Jews where the Star of David. The stars were yellow, and the Jews had to cut them out, and wear them on their coats. The Jewish people were not allowed in public places in the towns that the Nazis took over. If the Jews didn't wear their star, they were arrested by the Gestapo. Because of his hatred towards the Jews, Hitler treated them cruelly, and murdered over 60,000,000 of them.

Pictures of Hitler

Hitler committed suicide because he didn't want to go to jail for murdering so many of the Jewish people. Hitler hated the Jews, and murdered them. Hitler had the Jews wear The Star Of David in public to show that they are Jews. To sum it all up we as people should never treat others unfairly because of their religion.