Linear Systems Flyer


Mark wants to buy a membership for a movie theater. There are two movie theaters which are close to him. Cineplex movie theater and Silver City movie theater. The cost for Cineplex movie theater is 4 dollars per month. The cost for silver city movie theater is 6 dollars flat fee and 3 dollars per month. After how many months will the prices for each membership be equal.


Dependent: Cost

Independent: Number of months

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Cineplex: y=4x

Silver City: y=3x+6

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Using the information given above, we can create linear equations for each membership.

Cineplex: y=4x+0

Silver City: y=3x+6

After we have this information, we can graph the two lines. The x value of the point of intersection for these two lines will represent how many months it will take for both of the prices to be equal.

Final Answer

Therefore, price for both of the memberships will be equal in 6 months