Limits on Television

Why there should be a limit on Television

My opinion

My opinion would be yes because Television can cause a child to get ADD (Attention deficit disorder). Television allows children's brains to continuously simulated. Excessive Television has also been linked to childhood obesity. Aggressive behavior, poor social skills and vulgarity has also been linked to Television.

Pros and Cons

Pros: A pro about television is that people will have something to talk about. Another pro would be is that some programs are actually educational for children. Also television can help a family bond. Cons: Television can cause ADD( Attention deficit disorder). When kids watch TV there brains are not getting the growth they need. It also distracts children from going out side and doing fun activities.


television links to childhood obesity

What other people think

I asked my mother what her opinion if there should be a limit on TV. "Yes i think there should be a limit on TV because it can stop your brain from getting the growth it needs. It can also show inappropriate things that can lead to nightmare or worse."