The Great Orgeon Trail

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The intornend

In the 1800 the American west country. People in the east U.S.A had heard stories about the west mountains and the desert but no American had been there. in 1803 president Thomas Jefferson organized a secret mission to go to the east to mark all the rivers, mountains, and deserts.

If I was on the orgain trail

For the journey.If I was on that journey I need to pack flour, bacon, and coffee, sugar, salt. The first people to arrive Oregon came by steamships. Most people use oxen because they were strong and less-expensive. Native Americans help the people like pulling out wagons out of water, and saving drowning people, and find lost cattle.

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native americans

Most Native Americans encounters was trading with the people on the Oregon Trail like clothes, tobacco, rifles in a trade of horses and food. The Grattan massacre was started when a cow wended in a Indian tribe and the Indians ate it and the people were mad at the Indians for eaten their cow.