What's in a Name?

By Nicholas Leal

Team Information

Team Name: Dallas Mavericks

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas

Coordinates: 32 degrees North, 96 degrees West

Region: South West

Language: English

Fun Facts About The South West Region

1. Part of this region used to belong to Mexico.

2. The Grand Cannon is in this region.

3. Includes: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizonia

4. Warm Climate

5. Dry Soil

6. Grand Canno

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Mascot Information

Mascot Name: Champ

Team Nickname: Mavs

Culture and Location Relation: Other local teams are Cowboys and Rangers.


Establishment Date: 1980

Founder: Don Carter


Arena Name: American Airlines Center

Reason for Name: American Airlines owns it. It isn't just a basket ball court. It's a event center.

Why Stadiums are Named after Businesses: Businesses pay for the staduim because they want to advertise by having the stadium named after them.

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